Letters to the Editor - July 21

July 21, 2011

Wachter remembered as a great vice principal

To the editor:

I wish to pay tribute to a gentleman who passed away June 18, 2011. His name is Wayne Wachter and although he resided in West Virginia, he was a teacher and vice principal at Clear Spring Middle School for more than 25 years.

Principals have many duties and obligations running their schools, but the discipline usually falls to the vice principal. Bob Wantz, our principal at that time, would agree that Wayne Wachter was very influential in helping to hold Clear Spring Middle School together with his strong but fair discipline. I’m sure he influenced the lives of many of the young people at the school to become good citizens of Maryland, even though they may not have liked it at the time as teenagers.

Rest in peace, Wayne. You were a great vice principal and I was proud to serve under you.

Joseph Sokol Sr.
Former teacher, Clear Spring Middle School

Agent Orange Act of 2011 important to veterans

To the editor:

This is a plea to all veterans, no matter what branch of service, and veterans’ friends.

The 2011 Institute of Medicine Report on Agent Orange and the Blue Water Navy Veterans states that it can’t be determined whether the Blue Water Navy Sailors were or were not subjected to Agent Orange. In the same statement, they said they can’t determine whether the ground troops or mobile ravine forces were or were not subjected to Agent Orange — putting the Blue Water Navy in the same category as the ground troops and the mobile ravine forces.

There is a bill before Congress right now. It is HR 812, the Agent Orange Act of 2011, restoring the Blue Water Navy Benefit that was taken away like a thief in the night in 2002. Please contact your Congress representative right now and ask him or her to co-sponsor this bill. It is important you ask them to co-sponsor HR 812, the Agent Orange Act of 2011. We have veterans out here dying from diseases.

The best way to contact your Congress representative is by writing a short letter and faxing it or by mail. Don’t call his or her office or email them; this has been found to be ineffective. Be sure to include your name, address, date and phone number where you can be reached. Please contact your Congress representative now and make sure you ask them to co-sponsor this bill.

If you don’t know who your Congress representative is, he or she is usually listed in the phone directory under U.S. government listings, and you can call and get their fax number or address.

Also, ask your friends to do this, whether they are veterans or not.

Carl Garlitz
Cumberland, Md.

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