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Mail Call - July 19

July 19, 2011

“Miss Maryland, don’t let PETA bully you into giving up your fur coat. If they want one, they can buy their own.”

— Hagerstown

“Today in Mail Call there are nine entries regarding the 17 schools that did not make AYP. Did any of those critics take time to read further to see that an entire school can get a failing mark due to one child not passing? That was the case in many of the schools, and people need to get ready to see schools not making AYP, as 2014 all should be at 100 percent passing, which simply will not happen.”

— Hagerstown

“Miss Maryland, please do not give up your fur coat to that PETA organization. Do not let them bully you. That coat will keep you warm in the winter, nothing beats fur, and will look good on you, and you won it fair and square. These people should spend their time doing other things than harassing good citizens.”

— Sharpsburg

“I’m so sick of hearing about the amazing raises that BOE teachers got. Honestly, the raise amounts to a few dollars a check, and most teachers could care less about it. People need to be contacting the BOE and complaining about the lack of teachers. ... Truth is, the pay is what it should be for people with a master’s degree. ... By 2014, 100 percent of the students have to pass, due to No Child Left Behind. That is impossible, with some kids not capable because of special needs, huge class sizes and the difficulty level of the test. Our children are the future, and deserve the best education. We have some amazing teachers in this county, and I for one am very thankful.”

— Hagerstown

“It was a total of 23 students who kept nine elementary schools from making AYP in WCPS. Take time to look; Emma K. Doub and Fountain Rock did not make AYP based on two special education students in each location, but the rest of their students performed acceptably and made the AYP. Please stop with the negativity toward your community’s teachers.”

— Hagerstown

“Because of the taxes Maryland legislators have imposed on tobacco and alcohol, when we all stop smoking and drinking, where will they get their tax revenue? They should have let us continue to smoke and drink and supply an endless source of tax dollars.”

— East Hagerstown

“I am getting so tired of being harassed for just a couple of dollars because I can’t get it to them on time, because I don’t have the money anymore. And it’s terrible that they are not giving us seniors an increase, a COLA increase, because of the reason that they give. If the senators and the Congress and the representatives can get a raise every year, then I ought to be able to get one, because if it wouldn’t be for them stealing from the Social Security, I would get my money every month.”

— Falling Waters, W.Va.

“I’m calling in response to the person from Sharpsburg who said that teachers are like prison guards. Well, they almost have to be. Most of the kids I see nowadays are punks. They have no respect for themselves, for the school, for the institution, and the teachers have a hard enough time trying to teach the kids who want to learn, because the punks who go to school there make it impossible for them to learn. They should act more like prison guards, and maybe even have the parents come in.”

— Sabillasville, Md.

“Well, it looks like President Obama and his cronies are back to their scare tactics. Do you remember when he first took office? First thing he did was slice Medicare $500 billion. The next thing he did was tell us that he needed a ... stimulus, or the unemployment rate would go above 8 percent. Well, guess what, it’s 10 percent. And the money’s gone and half of it can’t even be accounted for. So now he’s telling everybody that the debt ceiling is not ... his other pity party was the other summer when he said teachers wouldn’t get paid unless we had another $28 million stimulus, which the teachers said they didn’t get anyway. The unions did — his good buddies who put him in office. So think about it.”

— Waynesboro, Pa.

“So good old Roscoe Bartlett is a multi-millionaire. No wonder he’s so completely out of touch with those of us on the ground who actually need Medicare and Social Security. He doesn’t get it, because he’s reveling in his many, many gold coins. And he must have stock in corporations, too, because he won’t vote to increase taxes on corporations like British Petroleum (BP) and Exxon oil, and those that have fleets of airplanes.”

— Hagerstown

“This is for the uneducated Hagerstown caller about the ... plane flying through airspace over at Camp David. For 24/7, eight years, we listened to the planes roar overhead while King George was up at Camp David — or not up at Camp David. We heard them constantly.”

— Hagerstown

“Don’t pay union dues — but don’t expect to get the benefits of people who do join a union; higher pay, better health care, better vacations, many, many things that are benefits of unions, that have union workers. I worked for a union for years and years and years and had wonderful benefits, and I didn’t mind paying my union dues one bit.”

— Washington County

“There’s a lady that has two dogs, and she takes them to the cemetery in Funkstown and lets them off of their leash, to run through the cemetery to play and poop and do whatever they want, and if anyone knows who this person is, can you please ask her to stop doing that? That is not the place for her to let her dogs loose to do that. Please tell her to stop doing it.”

— Funkstown

“Hagerstown caller, you claim all the Republican presidential candidates are ‘them goofballs.’ Whatever you think of their views, I’d love to compare your business resume with Herman Cain’s, and see what charitable acts you’ve done in comparison with Michele Bachmann taking in 23 foster children, and see if you could run the Olympics as efficiently as Romney did, and so on. Goofballs, indeed. And I don’t believe you really are a Republican — you said it twice; the lady doth protest too much — but if so, since you apparently dislike most of our fellow Republicans and our conservative views, please change parties.”

— Frederick, Md.

“This is on the last launch of the Atlantis space shuttle. About time for NASA to be cut off. All the billions of dollars they’re sending up in space that don’t do the American people any good. It doesn’t do me any good to find a job, it doesn’t do any good for me, as far as paying my taxes. So all you do, government spends billions of dollars to put a spaceship up in the sky. We need rain, but to me, that’s what’s changing the atmosphere. It’s not the gas. It’s these darn spaceships and everything else that the government is trying to change.”

— Hagerstown

“I saw in the paper where a Smithsburg man got six years for his role in a drug death. He sold the person some drugs that caused a fatal overdose. You know, it’s really sad to think that life today is nothing. You can go out and kill somebody and get six years, probably only serve three or four, but yet you go out and rob a bank, you’ll probably get 15, 20 years, or if you do drugs yourself ... you’re lucky if you get off serving three, four years. What has happened to America? Life means nothing.”

— Smithsburg

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