DeBaugh Farms top breeder, exhibitor at Washington County Holstein Field Day

July 19, 2011|By JOANNA CALIMER | Special to The Herald-Mail
  • From left, receiving the Premier Breeder and Exhibitor awards were the DeBaughs: Cory, Bev, Ted, Jere, Olivia, Parker, Scott, Tammy, Matt and Carol.
Photo courtesy of Joanna Calimer

The Washington County Holstein Association held its annual field day July 2 at the Washington County Agricultural Education Center.

Judge for the event was Jamie Hartman.

Winning Premier Breeder and Premier Exhibitor was DeBaugh Farms of Boonsboro.

Exhibited by Palmyra Farm, Palmyra Pontiac Gemmi, a senior 3-year-old, won Open Class Grand Champion and 4-H/FFA Grand Champion. The Open Class Reserve Grand Champion was Windsor-Manor SMR Radar-Red, a senior 2-year-old shown by Cory DeBaugh.  

DeBaugh Advent Lola, a junior 2-year-old, shown by Scott DeBaugh, was selected as 4-H/FFA Reserve Grand Champion.  MD-Heavensent Boy-Kiss-Red, the second-place senior 2-year-old, shown by Tessa Wiles, was chosen as Honorable Mention of the 4-H/FFA show.

Winners for the Showmanship classes were: Pre-4-H participants: Parker DeBaugh, Addison Malott, Kylie Snyder;  Junior: (1) Ashley Davis, (2) Ryan Snyder, (3) Olivia DeBaugh; Intermediate: (1) Sydney Davis; Senior: (1) Erin Corbett (2) Macayla Wiles, (3) Tessa Wiles; Overall Winner: Erin Corbett.

Class results were as follows, with 4-H noted in parentheses ( ):

Spring Heifer Calf:  1. (1) MD-Heaventsent Air Kiss-Red, Tessa Wiles; 2. (2) Palmyra Debonair Mango, Kaitlyn Corbett; 3. Amaryken Lily, Kenlin Martin; (3) DeBaugh SS Deuce Ruby, Cory DeBaugh.

Winter Heifer Calf: 1. Creek Bound Lucky Macy, Creek Bound Farms; 2. MD-Misty Medo Rustler Rose, Addison Malott; 3. (1) DeBaugh Sanchez Cassidy, Olivia DeBaugh.

Fall Heifer Calf: 1. (1) DeBaugh Cadet; Krystle, Cory DeBaugh.

Summer Yearling Heifer: 1. (1) Howard View Jasper Abby-ET, Kaitlyn Corbett; 2. (2) Greenlea Des Mae-Red, Erin Corbett; 3. Lonely Willow Bronc Colleen, Samuel Winters Jr.

Spring Yearling Heifer: 1. (1) MD-Heavensent Abso Magnafic, Macayla Wiles; 2. (2) DeBaugh Talent Apple-Red, Carol DeBaugh.

Winter Yearling Heifer: None

Fall Yearling Heifer: 1. Co-Vale Goldwyn Jumpy, John Shank and Bonnie Weddle; 2. (1) DeBaugh Storm Crispy, Carol DeBaugh; 3. MS MD-Maple-Dell A Ivona-ET, Kenlin Martin.

4-H/FFA Junior Champion: MD-Heaventsent Air Kiss-Red, Spring Heifer Calf, Tessa Wiles.

4-H/FFA Reserve Junior Champion: Howard View Jasper Abby-ET, Summer Yearling Heifer, Kaitlyn Corbett.

4-H/FFA Honorable Mention: MD-Heavensent Abso Magnafic, Spring Yearling Heifer, Macayla Wiles.

Open Class Junior Champion: Co-Vale Goldwyn Jumpy, Fall Yearling Heifer, John Shank and Bonnie Weddle.

Open Class Reserve Junior Champion: MD-Heaventsent Air Kiss-Red, Spring Heifer Calf, Tessa Wiles.

Open Class Honorable Mention: Creek Bound Lucky Macy, Winter Heifer Calf, Creek Bound Farms.

Junior Best Three Females: None

Dry Cows: None

Junior 2-Year-Old Cow: 1. (1) DeBaugh Advent Lola, Scott DeBaugh; 2. Savage-Leigh Lucillee-ET, Kenlin Martin.

Senior 2-Year-Old Cow: 1. (1) Windsor-Manor SMR Radar-Red, Cory DeBaugh; 2. (2) MD-Heavensent Boy-Kiss-Red, Tessa Wiles; 3. (3) Kavanglens Luke Catie-Red, Erin Corbett.

Junior 3-Year-Old Cow: 1. DeBaugh Lheros Cecil, DeBaugh Farms; 2. (1) DeBaugh Jet G-Force, Scott DeBaugh.

Senior 3-Year-Old Cow: 1. Palmyra Pontiac Gemmi, Palmyra Farm; 2. Palmyra-Creek DP Sassy-ET, Palmyra Farm

4-Year-Old Cow: 1. (1) DeBaugh Mr. Sam Lila, Scott DeBaugh.

5-Year-Old Cow: 1. Ocean-View Goldwyn Sarah-ET, Kenlin Martin and Thomas Priest.

Aged Cow: 1. Spots-Pride Pronto Galaxy, Emily Yeiser.

4-H/FFA Best Bred and Owned: DeBaugh Advent Lola, Scott DeBaugh.

Open Class Best Bred and Owned: Palmyra Pontiac Gemmi, Palmyra Farm.

Dam and Daughter: 1. (1) Scott DeBaugh; 2. (2) Cory DeBaugh; 3. (3) Tessa Wiles.

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