Waynesboro tax bills accidentally printed for some tax-exempt entities

July 13, 2011|By JENNIFER FITCH |

WAYNESBORO, Pa. — A tax bill printing glitch raised concerns this week among Waynesboro Area School Board members, but the school district's business administrator said the problem has been resolved.

At their meeting Tuesday, board members talked about how tax-exempt organizations such as churches could be receiving bills in the mail. All bills will be mailed two weeks late because the school board passed its budget June 30, and the district is using a new computer system.

Real estate, per capita and occupational privilege tax bills are printed, Business Administrator Caroline Dean said.

"They are run," she said. "They are generated."

The discount period for prompt tax payment was extended by two weeks, Dean said.

The ability to test the new system was limited, but some bugs were addressed early, Dean said.

"We've had to do everything live the first time," she said.

Dean said she learned Tuesday afternoon that bills were prepared for tax-exempt entities.

"They're going to be frustrated. ... We don't know how many we're talking about," board member Billie Finn said Tuesday night.

Board members discussed reprinting all bills, sending postcards to tax-exempt entities or trying to pull those bills from the piles.

Dean said Wednesday she determined 153 entities associated with 25 individuals were affected. Those individuals will not receive property tax bills, she said.

Per capita and occupational privilege tax bills were not affected by the exemption issue, Dean said.

The biggest problem in recent weeks was taking a 30-year-old system and merging the data into a new one, according to Dean, who compared the process to introducing a dinosaur to an Amazon Kindle.

Board members Chris Lind and Firmadge Crutchfield said they were concerned individual property owners might hear of the problem with tax-exempt entities and think their own tax bills were flawed.

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