Mail Call - July 12

July 12, 2011

“I would like to know how there could be a $5 parking fee at Paramount Elementary during the Mile-Long Yard Sale, when it is not considered a school activity.”
— Leitersburg

“Well, another phone book arrived; thick and heavy, and the print is so fine that you can — you have to use a magnifying glass. Also, if they made just one nice telephone book like they used to years ago and it took care of everything, we wouldn’t have so many phone books landing in the landfill.”
— Mount Lena

“This is to the class of 1981 in Williamsport High School. Just wondering if there was going to be a class reunion this year. It’s been 30 years, so could somebody please check into this? We would really like to have a reunion, 30 years.”
— Williamsport

“Who is considered among the wealthy? Is it the couple who have worked hard and accumulated a million dollars, so that their interest can supplement their Social Security check and provide worry-free financial retirement? Or is it the middle-age worker who earns a couple hundred thousand per year and affords investments of high yields? We all know entertainers, politicians and corporate CEOs are multi-millionaires and billionaires, and are ‘filthy rich.’ A million isn’t what it once was, and what is it now, rich or not? Is it like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or what? Incidentally, I’m tired of so much political comments in this column.”
— Hagerstown

“Today’s paper, Monday, July 4, has the best, best feature that I remember in a long time, ‘Remembering the Bill of Rights.’ Should be required reading for everybody that subscribes to the paper that can read. Keep up the good work.”
— Smithsburg

“Smithsburg caller, if, as you claim, Congress can create 1 million jobs just like that — excuse me while I try to stop laughing — just by passing Boxer’s bill, then why didn’t President Obama and the Democrat-controlled Congress just pass 15 or 20 of those bills back in 2009 or 2010, and solve our unemployment problem and put everyone back to work? Didn’t they care about the unemployed? Evidently not. Really, your claim is laughable, and so is your attempt to blame the Republicans, who’ve controlled the House for five months, as opposed to the Democrats who controlled Congress for the prior four years, for our unemployment problem.”
— Frederick, Md.

“A lady on July 4 bought some gray bedsheets and pillowcases from me in Northbrook Estates, and I have found a curtain and other things to match that. If she remembers where she bought them, she can come to my house after 2:30, 3:00, and pick up the rest. Sorry for the inconvenience.”
— Hagerstown

“This is to the person or persons who stole the road sign from the Indian Springs Road and Lanes Run Road over the weekend. Union Spring sign also had a memorial for a veteran — that happened to be my dad — bolted onto it, and how apropos of you to pick the Fourth of July weekend to do your dastardly deed, on a weekend that should be for all military personnel. If you need the road sign, so be it, but please return the veteran’s (memorial).”
— Indian Springs area

“President Obama has been talking about all the jobs that he saved or created, over 2.4 million. But his White House staff just left it out Friday that it cost us taxpayers $278,000 a job, and some of them were temporary. Remember, unemployment was under 8 percent when he took office, and it’s over 9 percent today. How can anybody defend those facts?”
— Boonsboro

“I read in the paper they were spraying for thistle. They need to spray the fields beside — between Wright Road and Hopewell Road. There must be a thousand thistle in that field.”
— Hagerstown

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