Battle of Funkstown to be staged this weekend

July 11, 2011|Susie Hoffman | Around Funkstown

This is the big weekend for living history and the re-enactment of the Battle of Funkstown.

The town will come alive with men, women and children dressed in period clothing and ready to show how they would have occupied the town during the Civil War.  

The troops settle in Friday night at the park with the Union camp in one area and the Confederate troops in another.    
Saturday morning’s activities get under way at 9 a.m. with foraging for supplies from residents. Groups of Rebels and Yankees visit homes that have displayed a red ribbon and graciously accept anything the residents want to share. Some great ideas are fruits and vegetables. They also enjoy sweets and a cool drink.

 Please know that anything not used by the troops is donated to the local food bank through a church in town.  

The street battle begins at 10 a.m.  

The camps will be open at Funkstown Park for the remainder of the day with more battles in the afternoon on the hill in the park. The park will be open for visitors the remainder of Saturday and there will be vendors and many interesting things to see.

Bands will perform at night and there will be fireworks.  

On Sunday morning, a pancake breakfast will be held in the upper pavilion and there will be one more glance at Civil War-era camp life.

 Thanks to all the re-enactors who give freely of their time to share their passion for this most important part of American history. Organizers of this event have worked hard to ensure its continuance.   

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