Letters to the Editor - July 10

July 08, 2011

Suns were a hit with Little League

To the editor:

The Challenger Little League division of the Maugansville Little League expresses its sincere gratitude to the Hagerstown Suns organization, its players, coaches and in particular Sara Grasmon for their efforts in making our night at the Hagerstown Suns very special.  

The Suns players willingly came out and "played" an inning with the Challenger teams on July 1. The players had a chance to mix and mingle and get some tips from the Suns — and the excitement to stand on the diamond beside future big league ball players was incredible.  

The parents were also thrilled to see their kids have the chance to shine in the Suns spotlight for just a little while. Challenger also expresses gratitude to Centra Bank, Meritus Health System and 1240 AM WJEJ.  These businesses made it possible for our group to enjoy the evening.  Their support brought the players and their caregivers to the ball park for an unforgettable night of baseball on a field of dreams.

Dave Barnhart

Challenger Little League volunteer


When did ACLU become illegal immigrant advocate?

To the editor:

I've been following the story on Del. Neil Parrott's petition drive to get SB 167 onto the ballot, so that the people of Maryland can vote on the issue. Parrott utilized the Internet to make it possible for Marylanders to have a voice on this issue, rather than have a few politicians introduce a bill at the last minute, behind closed doors, in the middle of the night and shove it down our throats without, we the people, even knowing that it exists. But, be that what it may.

 Now I see that the American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland has written to the Maryland State Election Board and asked that the legality of the online system of petitioning that Parrott utilized be examined, because it thinks that it may be susceptible to fraud. Duh! There is no system in the world that is not susceptible to fraud.

I have read the applicable Comar law, and the election process law, and I see no infringement of the law by the use of the Internet. Of course, I do not claim to be an expert on election law. The point that I would like to make here is this: When did the "American" Civil Liberties Union become an advocate for Illegal Immigrants?

Greg Morris


Mountaintop festival was a success

To the editor:

I am writing to thank a number of people and organizations for making the 6th Annual Mountaintop Heritage Days, which were recently held on June 25 and 26 in Blue Ridge Summit, Pa., and Cascade, a rousing success. First, thanks to all who attended and participated in the two-day event. The fireworks were spectacular as usual, and the Salute to our Armed Forces by the Williamsport Community Band dramatic and stirring.

Second, I can't praise nor thank enough the over 90 One Mountain Foundation members and community volunteers who came out and helped with the dirty, but necessary, tasks of directing traffic, parking or picking up trash.  

Third, thanks to all our corporate sponsors and all the craft, food and business vendors; Civil War re-enactors; providers of the children's games and rides, boats, and helicopter; car and steam engine show participants; and musical entertainers. Each brought their unique offering to the event. The steam-engine driven ice cream churns produced heavenly home-made ice cream!

The sixth Annual Mountaintop Heritage Days showed how a small, dedicated and determined community group, working together, can make a huge impact resulting in successful fundraising for multiple nonprofits, and good family fun for all who attended. The nonprofit organizations that will benefit from this two-day event are three mountaintop churches, two volunteer fire departments, and Sons of the American Legion food vendors; the Fort Ritchie Community Center; and the One Mountain Foundation Scholarship Fund.

Again, thanks to all.

Bill Carter, chairman, One Mountain Foundation

Jeff Coyle, chairman, Mountaintop Heritage Days Committee

Be sure to display flag properly

To the editor:

I'm from North Carolina and had the honor and privilege of attending the July concert on this past Sunday at City Park. The crowd was very appreciative and my wife and I enjoyed the kindness and considerations of the patrons. There was very limited talking so we could hear the music, unheard of when we attend an outdoor concert in North Carolina.

We were also impressed by the fact the patrons disposed of their trash in the proper containers, thereby not littering the park. I'm originally from Hagerstown, born and raised, graduated from South High in 1960. I'm a retired Air Force vet of over 35 years.

The reason I'm writing this letter and hope it is printed and forwarded to the proper persons is this: Being a veteran I'm very conscience of how our American flag is displayed. The flags of the United States and Maryland on the wall of the pavilion were reversed. The American Flag is always displayed to the viewer's left and to the speakers (conductor's) right.

There is a website where the proper display and etiquette is available on line; just type in flag etiquette, or the persons could contact Post 42 in Hagerstown, of which I am a member and have been for over 38 years. The post could provide the necessary directions for hanging the flags. This being said I hope I have not offended anyone and as I mentioned above, we sincerely enjoyed the concert and especially the honoring of all the veterans. We hope to be in the area for another concert in the near future. Keep up the great work.

Rodney L. Harne

Chocowinity, N.C.

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