Letters to the Editor - July 6

July 05, 2011

Sharia law is nothing to be scared of

To the editor:

Are you concerned about sharia law? If you are, you should read the article in the June 13 USA Today, written by Amy Sullivan.

She starts with the following statement: "If you are not vitally concerned about the possibility of radical Muslims infiltrating the U.S. government and establishing a Taliban style theocracy, then you are not a candidate for the GOP presidential nomination."

Why does sharia scare people so much? Basically sharia is a code of ethics for the Muslims to conduct themselves according to the rules stated in the Quran and the conduct and saying of the prophet Muhammed. For example, the Quran forbids lying, usury, killing, entering a house without the permission of the owner, causing mischief, making false accusation, harming others, warns people to the danger of alcohol, etc.

But, unlike the U.S. Constitution there is no one document that outlines all these rules that all Muslims agreed on. This is unfortunate, since it leaves the field wide open to state one's own aim.

The next time you hear politicians talking about sharia law, ask them the source of their information.

Taliban's behavior is so out of line that I will argue that it has nothing to do with Islam, which states: "There is no Authority over you except God's authority and there is no compulsion in religion." How do they dare to impose on me to grow beard and forbid girls to go to school and forbid them to work? All Muslims are responsible for their conduct and must study the Quran to interpret its rules according to their free will, knowing that their deeds will be judged.

I would like to finish by once again quoting Sullivan: "Political scoundrels have been using the fear of Islamic-imposed law to stir xenophobia in America even though this threat is actually nonsense."

S.V. Yumlu


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