Letter to the Editor - July 4

July 04, 2011

Country must focus efforts on improving defense here

To the editor:

I am a veteran and very proud of our country, but I think we need to change our foreign policy now. Since we were attacked on Sept. 11, 2001, we have been fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan and many other skirmishes in the Middle East. While I’m sure we’ve done some good trying to help bring freedom and democracy to these countries, it is time now to concentrate more on homeland security, improving our defense here.

Also, we’ve captured and killed Osama bin Laden now and I think weakened al-Qaida somewhat. We have an enemy that is all over the world. In many places, it is a war against terrorists and their way of life. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll stand up next to you and fight against those who would attack us again — but I just think we need to get out of some of these foreign countries now.

I also don’t think we should think of this change as losing the war, rather it is a change of strategy of how to fight the war on terrorism. As a matter of fact, I think we have planted a seed of freedom and democracy in many countries in the Middle East. The people there are rising up against dictators and tyranny.

Also, as we all know, we cannot afford what we are doing now and we must change to a better foreign policy. A new strategy, not that we have lost the war. By making the changes needed, we will be more effective in defense and it will cost less. Look, those in charge in government and the Department of Defense know where to pull our troops out of various places. I am not qualified to say where and how, but I’m saying it should be done now.

In the next election for president, maybe this president we have, or those running for president, will force some of these changes to take place as soon as possible.

Jack Myers

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