Restaurant inspections for March 2011

July 02, 2011

The following food service establishments were inspected by the Washington County Health Department in March and found to have critical violations that needed to be corrected immediately:

Hillside Station, 19110 Keep Tryst Road, Knoxville — * hot-hold temperature for pizza and hamburgers was too low (corrected: discarded); * milk and yogurt products marked Jan. 24 and yogurt marked March 6 (corrected: products removed); * cold-hold temperature for milk at coffee bar was too warm (corrected: discarded); * mayonnaise, barbecue sauce and ranch dressing not refrigerated (corrected: discarded); need paper towels and covered trash can in unisex restroom (corrected); incorrect indicator strips for sanitizing solution; must clean floor in food prep area; must repair/replace gasket on walk-in cooler door; must reseal hand sink in customer restroom to wall and wall by hand sink needs to be made smooth and easily cleanable; must clean middle basin of three-compartment sink and outside door of walk-in cooler.

Martin's Food Market, 1650-C Wesel Blvd. — * potato soup temperature too low (corrected: removed from service); * packages of Canadian bacon at 56 degrees (corrected: discarded); must replace metal cover for backflow prevention device at mop sink.

Shoney's, 17301 Valley Mall Road — * orange juice temperature too warm (corrected: removed and rechilled); * temperature too low for one section of hot buffet where items were out less than two hours (corrected: removed and reheated); must clean both sets of grill hood filters, ceiling vent in women's restroom and wall behind hand sink by back door; must repair ceiling above grill so it's smooth and easily cleanable; need thermometer in chicken prep sandwich prep unit; must replace/repair gaskets on grill prep sandwich prep unit doors.

The following food service establishments were inspected by the Washington County Health Department in March and found to have sanitation violations that must be corrected within 30 days:

Break Away II Sports Lounge, 13726 Pennsylvania Ave. — canned drinks in ice bin (corrected).

Cafe Italia, 935 Pennsylvania Ave. — uncovered pizza sauce on shelving (corrected); must clean shelving in refrigerator; need thermometers in refrigerator.

Celebrations Catering at Cortland Mansion, 19411 Cortland Drive — shelving is bare wood; must make shelving smooth and easily cleanable.

Center Street Market & Grill, 401 Center St. — must repair/replace floor tile in front of three-compartment sink; wet wiping cloth needs to be stored in sanitizing solution when not in use; must replace stained ceiling tile near coffee counter.

Colonial Restaurant, 14130 Pennsylvania Avenue — dish machine not showing sanitizer (corrected).

Denny's Restaurant, 1630 Dual Highway — chlorine absent during dish machine's final rinse; wet wiping cloths in sanitizing solution that does not indicate an ammonia level (corrected); must clean and maintain refrigeration units on cook line; must clean floors under equipment in cook line.

Fireside Restaurant & Lounge, 1716 Underpass Way — single-service utensils need to be covered in storage (corrected); must clean fan in kitchen prep area (corrected).

Golden Corral, 17635 Valley Mall Road — must clean floor grate in front of ice machine and tops on breading and sugar containers; water leaking from hose bib connection at mop sink when faucet turned on; need cover for backflow prevention device at mop sink; must repair/replace gaskets on prep line under-counter refrigerator door and door of pizza sandwich prep unit; cold water faucets not operating at hand sink beside buffet and hand sink at waitress station beside family restroom; leaking at hand sink faucets at both waitress stations and hand sink faucet behind wall of dishwashing area; need covered trash can in family restroom; must repair base coving near urinal in men's restroom.

Governor's Landing Deli, 10212 Governor Lane Blvd., Suite 1012, Williamsport — wet wiping cloth stored in bar hand sink and miscellaneous items stored in kitchen prep sink; wall beside walk-in cooler, wall beside dish spray area and wall behind dish drying area need to be smooth and easily cleanable; dishwasher dispensing inadequate amount of sanitizer; hand sink in kitchen prep area slow to drain; must clean floor in bar and kitchen prep areas; must clean bottom outside portion of walk-in cooler door and ceiling vent in women's restroom; must repair/replace gasket on walk-in freezer door.

Hagerstown Suns, 274 E. Memorial Blvd. — must replace broken light in brew cooler on first-base side (corrected); three-compartment sink at Hub City Samplers concession stand needs to be resanitized (corrected).

Imperial Chinese Restaurant, 13112 Pennsylvania Ave. — chicken stored on shelf above vegetable (corrected: meat moved to lower shelf); purse in handwashing sink (corrected: removed); wet wiping cloths not stored in sanitizer (corrected).

Long John Silver's, 17301 Valley Mall Road — must repair base coving under hand sink in kitchen prep area; must regrout floor tile in front of fryers and other various areas; floor tile missing; must repair/replace electrical outlet cover beside microwave; need gasket strip on bottom of walk-in cooler door; must clean inside door of ice machine; hot water faucet in men's restroom and hot water faucet in women's restroom not staying on for at least 15 seconds; need copy of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point plan.

 Olive Garden, 17410 Valley Mall Road — salad sandwich prep unit has condensation dripping from grates on front of bottom left side onto floor; hand sink in dishwashing area doesn't have hot water; must repair/replace gasket on right door of grill line sandwich prep unit.

Pleasant Valley Elementary School, 1707 Rohrersville Road, Knoxville — inadequate sanitizer solution mixture (corrected).

Southside Bowl, 17325 Virginia Ave. — must repair/replace gasket on bottom door of Glenco refrigerator; single-service utensils need to be stored handle up (corrected).

Triangle Restaurant, 200 E. Main St., Hancock — must seal all gaps and cracks in dry storage area.

Washington County Detention Center, 500 Western Maryland Parkway — must replace two lights under grill vent hood with kettle cooker and two lights under oven vent hood; must repair cracked floor tile in front of kettle cooker; must regrout floor tiles in front of kettle cooker; must repair floor tiles in front of walk-in freezer; walk-in freezer has frozen condensation built up on pipe near condenser box and one shelf.

The following food service establishments had no violations in March: Clear Spring High School, 12630 Broadfording Road, Clear Spring; Clear Spring Middle School, 12628 Broadfording Road, Clear Spring; Coffman Nursing Home, 1304 Pennsylvania Ave.; Food Lion, 761 E. Wilson Blvd.; J&J Health Enterprises, 363 S. Cleveland Ave.; Kingz Hot Dogs, 818 W. Washington St.; Rosewood Liquors, 11205 John F. Kennedy Drive; Sharpsburg Little League, High Street, Sharpsburg; South Hagerstown High School, 1101 S. Potomac St.; Washington County Girls Softball League, 11112 Kemps Mill Road, Williamsport; and Wendy's, 1570 Wesel Blvd.

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