Reporters' Notebooks

June 29, 2011

“Reporters’ Notebooks” is a periodic look at local government and political news between the lines.

Not going anywhere
Drivers who spotted an “Eviction Services” van in front of Skyline Coffee at Hagerstown’s Public Square on a recent morning need not be alarmed, owner Ashley Haywood said.
The eviction services company also provides trash-collection services for the downtown coffee shop, said Haywood, a member of the Hagerstown City Council.
The coffee shop is not going anywhere, said Haywood, noting it would take a real act of force to budge it from its current location.
— Heather Keels,

A new addition
If it seems as if you haven’t heard much about state Sen. Christopher B. Shank lately, it’s because he was busy welcoming the newest member of his family.
He and his wife, Cindy, now have a daughter, joining their sons, Caleb and Joshua.
Shank posted an update on his Facebook page on June 2: “Lillian (Lily) May Shank born 8:03 am. 7 lbs. 3 oz. 20 inches. Mommy and baby are doing well.”
 — Andrew Schotz,

GOP tip chart
Fifteen percent is poor for election turnout, but a good minimum for rewarding service. That’s the rule of thumb for tipping a restaurant server.
So, why is there a tip chart — showing 15 percent and 20 percent of bills ranging from $1 to $100 — on the back of the Washington County Republican Club business card?
The front side of the card has a clue. It says the club meets at 58 E. Washington St. in Hagerstown — the Academy Theatre Banquet & Conference Center.
One of the owners of the center is Michael L. Guessford.
Guessford is the president of the Washington County Republican Club and owns Always Ron’s Restaurant in Hagerstown.
— Andrew Schotz

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