Letters to the Editor - June 24

June 24, 2011

Where were the other dads in Father’s Day series?

To the editor:

I read the Father’s Day stories with interest and disappointment. Each family had a wonderful story to share with your readers. But my disappointment came because no minority or average fathers were recognized. You interviewed a judge’s family, a banker’s family, a doctor’s family and the family of a past and present county commissioner. All of which are Caucasian.

What happened to the Latino family, the African-American family and the Asian family? What happened to that father who is a truck driver, a janitor, a laborer, or a bagger in a grocery store? I think that Maegan Clearwood missed an opportunity to give tribute to all deserving fathers by centering on one particular group.

My father (African American) is no longer alive, but I honor him every day. He was a janitor by day and bagged groceries by night. He taught his children (all six) to honor God, to work hard, to respect your neighbor, and that we could accomplish anything and be anything we desired if we believed in ourselves.

Maybe next year your tribute will honor a more diverse group of fathers.

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers.

Raymond Young

New Suns management and staff doing a great job

To the editor:

An enjoyable baseball experience at Municipal Stadium requires much more than a winning team and exciting future baseball stars. As the first half of the South Atlantic League season winds down, we would like to call attention to the wonderful job the management and staff of the Hagerstown Suns are doing to bring a quality product to the citizens of the Tri-State region.

In the brief period since taking over the franchise, the new owners and staff have faced daunting tasks in preparing for the new season. The stadium improvements — including the beautiful new scoreboard, the replacement seats, the diminished concession lines — have significantly enhanced the ballpark experience. The management has been very receptive to suggestions and has freely acknowledged that there are more improvements to come. The staff has been unfailingly upbeat, friendly and helpful. This personable attitude adds immeasurably to the pleasure of attending ballgames.

The Hagerstown Suns Fan Club is particularly grateful for the ... support given to us as we conduct our bat raffles for the benefit of the players, hold picnics for the team, staff and fans, and hang out at our “headquarters” behind the Suns dugout. We could not exist or do what we do without the help and strong backing of Suns management.

Finally, we would like to take note of the Suns’ commitment to Hagerstown and the Tri-State region. The team’s activities within the community contribute significantly to the friendly, inclusive, small-town family atmosphere that makes living in our area so fulfilling.
Go Suns!

Judy Baker
The Hagerstown Suns Fan Club

Term limits would help fix things in Washington

To the editor:


It is a shame that our Congress and Senate system is broken and that party politics has taken over the good for our country. We need two-term limits across the board for all who serve in Washington, D.C., and a total reform of all, and that the negative ads must stop. One way to do this would be to give each candidate so much free air time to get their view across and to then to have the debates.

The amount of time spent raising money instead of working on our  country’s actual problems is simply insane.

One last point: When sworn in, each candidate regardless of his or her party affiliation must swear to do what is best for the people and work together or the people can hold them in contempt and replace them with one who will.

Gene Nixon

Why can’t people love unconditionally?

To the editor:

This is in response to the letter to the editor published June 21, regarding older people. I do not understand why others want the older Americans eliminated. Why can’t people just love unconditionally the way God intended? Just because people get older, does not mean their lives are unproductive. We are educated, hard workers, experienced in many areas of life and love people. Most of us know what it means to others to show compassion and forgiveness. God, in his infinite mercy, directs our lives in his likeness through his holy word.

You know, someday the younger will become the older. It would be interesting to hear public opinion at that time when others want to get rid of them. God loves everyone regardless of age. God giveth and God taketh away — not human beings.

Pat Boden

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