Parasiliti: Start of summer means it's time to clear the carburetor

June 19, 2011
  • Bob Parasiliti
Bob Parasiliti

Wow! You can tell summer is here.

OK, summer doesn’t officially start until Tuesday at 1:16 p.m., but what are a few hours between friends?

It unofficially started 2 1/2 weeks ago when school ended. And you could even push that back to Memorial Day.

Let’s face it. It doesn’t matter when it started, summer mode is here. Thoughts of serious business are in a losing battle against daydreams of hitting the open road.

So, in an effort to get my head right (yeah, right), I put the top down and drove. Heading nowhere in particular, the car cruises past Municipal Stadium on Memorial Boulevard.

Hey, the Hagerstown Suns had a pretty good first half. Despite your perspectives, the addition of Bryce Harper added some needed spice to evenings at the old ballpark.

The Suns started strong and played well. They took on all comers and pushed them aside, but then it started to unravel around May 17. It was the beginning of that two-week stretch of bad weather, which altered two homestands. Games were being suspended, which in turn, stacked up extra work for the bullpen.

That extra work taxed the relievers and took the Suns out of sync. They never seemed to recover and the Suns finished the last half of the first half 15-18 after a 25-12 start.

Oh, just took a right onto Eastern Boulevard and National Little League is in sight.

Tournament time is near, an event which brings its own pageantry to the area. It’s a battle of team colors and minivans, which now double as writing tablets.

You got to wonder if we have another group of players with a big run in them. Federal captured our imagination a few years ago. That experience has produced some fine players now in the high school ranks.

The car tools down Wilson Boulevard and takes a left on South Potomac, heading past School Stadium.

Wonder what football will be like in the fall? The area’s top running backs have graduated. The door is wide open for some new headliners to step in. The teams have to score somehow. This could be a year when line play will really make the difference in the local football landscape.

Ahhh. Here’s I-70 East. Let’s get on here and open it up a little. This is the starting leg to Baltimore, isn’t it?

Those Orioles … talk about using smoke and mirrors. But the smoke is too thick and the mirrors won’t reflect.

Baltimore did a great job of assembling an interesting offense this season. It allowed them to make some real noise early and hang around in the AL East standings.

It still comes down to pitching and the O’s are dogpaddling, relying on a group of young arms to carry them and those arms seem to be a year or two away.

Speaking of dogpaddling, 2011 will be a defining year in professional sports.

 The country’s three main sports — football, basketball and baseball — are all at the end of their labor deals.

In all three cases, the players and owners are posturing for power. While they fight over every dime, they haven’t noticed that fewer fans are attending their overpriced games.

Wonder what it’s like to be the King of Nothing?

That’s a question to be answered the next time the car needs to clear its mind.

Bob Parasiliti is a sports writer for The Herald-Mail. He can be reached at 301-791-7358 or by email at

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