What's wrong with this picture?

June 19, 2011
  • Barbara Anderson submitted this photo of a misaligned sidewalk that narrows the entrance to Fairway Lane at Downsville Pike (Md. 632), south of Hagerstown.
Submitted photo

The problem: At the intersection of Fairway Lane and Downsville Pike (Md. 632), south of Hagerstown, one sidewalk suddenly stops and a new one starts in a different area.

“This makes the turn onto Fairway (Lane) very dangerous as it narrows considerably and you can see all the tire marks where cars are hitting the curb,” nearby resident Barbara Anderson wrote in an email.

Anderson suggested that realigning the sidewalk would allow the entrance to Fairway Lane to be widened

Who could fix it: The Washington County Division of Public Works, which is responsible for Fairway Lane, and the Maryland State Highway Administration, which is responsible for Downsville Pike.

What they say: After being contacted by The Herald-Mail, state and county engineers met at the intersection and agreed the situation could be improved by moving the center line to widen the entrance to the street and narrow the exit, Geoffrey McCammon, a SHA district community liaison, wrote in an email.

“The new pavement markings are a much lower cost option than redoing the sidewalk,” McCammon wrote. “Also the exit lane from Fairway Lane to Downsville Pike is wider than it needs to be given the traffic volumes.”

The existing entrance was 11 feet wide and the exit was 24 feet wide, McCammon said. The engineers agreed 3 feet could be removed from the exit, creating a 14-foot-wide entrance.

In addition, the stop bar on Fairway Lane will be moved back about 14 to 15 feet to improve the turning radius for drivers, McCammon said.

Because Fairway Lane is a county road, McCammon said the county would apply the new pavement markings.
 — Compiled by Heather Keels

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