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Blogs are a great way to share news, opinions

June 18, 2011|Liz Thompson

"I am doing quite well during my first full day of my most recent chemotherapy cycle. On a stomach scale of 1-10, with 1 being the mildly unsettling feeling you have when you lean back too far in your chair and at the last minute you regain your balance and 10 representing the extreme uneasiness you feel after riding the "Widow-maker" at the County Fair and celebrating with a big bowl of month-old macaroni salad which has been stored outside, with the lid open, during a heat wave ... I am currently at a 5."

— Garnet Stevens in the June 14 posting of his blog, Thinking Clearly

I've gotten in the habit of reading Garnet's blog every day. Garnet has brain cancer and has been blogging about it since his diagnosis. When he had surgery to remove the tumor, his sister briefly took over the blog to keep everyone updated.

His sense of humor, his constant reassurance to his family and friends, and his frank disclosure of the trauma of cancer is an inspiration.

Garnet agreed to let us link to his blog from as part of our efforts to include lots of voices and lots of interest areas on our online Opinion pages.

We still have many blogs to set up, but 11 are live on our site, either hosted by us or included with a link.

Ashley Haywood's blog, "Haywood Eats Hagerstown," is there, as is Julie Gaver's blog, "Must Love Shoes."

The Hagerstown-Washington County Chamber of Commerce is blogging via Jennifer Swatsworth, and three diehard baseball fans are linked in with their blog ""

Blogging has become the public version of our diaries and journals, the letters we used to write to friends and families, and a way to express our interests, our fears, our hopes and our goals.

You can find our blogging community by going to and clicking on "Opinion" in the main navigation bar.


Have you clicked on the Local Traffic and Mobile Journalist update links on our home page?

WARK-AM 1490 and the Eagle FM 106.9 supply an audio traffic report every morning and afternoon. Partnered with Google mapping, the traffic report can warn you of traffic issues and even show you where the tie-ups and slowdowns are on your commute.

Mobile journalist Caleb Calhoun spends the morning driving all over Washington County checking on traffic, breaking news and interesting events. His reports, photos and videos are sent to us from his mobile office.

The information is timely and important for people who commute a few blocks or many miles.

Since I don't have another column scheduled before he leaves, I want to publicly send my best wishes to Herald-Mail Publisher John League, who announced last month that he is retiring.

I've worked for John for most of my professional career.

He was the executive editor in the newsroom when I was a reporter and was publisher when I returned to The Herald-Mail to take the job of city editor.

John gave me the job of digital director when he created the department three years ago.

He's been a critic and a cheerleader, pointing out my weaknesses and applauding my strengths.

I will miss his counsel, his leadership and his friendship.

Liz Thompson is The Herald-Mail's digital director. You can email her at
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