Workers at Waynesboro plant face layoffs

June 16, 2011|By JENNIFER FITCH |

WAYNESBORO, Pa. — Minnesota-based Taylor Corp. on Thursday notified one-third of its Navitor East and Drawing Board Inc. employees in Waynesboro they face layoffs in the third quarter of the calendar year.

“We’ve given two months’ notice to all employees,” said Tom Ninneman, general manager and vice president of Navitor.

Those affected are 49 of 152 employees at the former Regency Thermographers plant off Clayton Avenue, Ninneman said.

Navitor East and Drawing Board Inc. will provide support to the affected employees to ease the transition, according to a statement released by the company.

Changes are coming to the plant, with a shift to digital printing and the possibility of a different type of work altogether.

“This is happening to printers nationwide. Work is moving to digitally printed products rather than offset printing,” Ninneman said, noting that digital efforts require less manpower.

“At one time, we had at least 400 people (in Waynesboro), and it was a mix of business printing and some of Taylor’s wedding and holiday business,” he said.

About 10 to 15 jobs could be preserved if the non-printing work is done in Waynesboro, Ninneman said. The skills are similar, he said.

The corporation is not prepared to announce the nature of that work, he said.

Navitor East and Drawing Board Inc., which are housed in the same facility, manufacture personalized business products, including forms, stationary, business cards and custom printing.

A Herald-Mail story from 1996 identified Regency Thermographers as Waynesboro’s largest employer. The company had 700 employees at the in-town plant at the time.

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