Tuscarora School Board seeks Realtors to sell central office building

June 14, 2011|By JENNIFER FITCH |

MERCERSBURG, Pa. — The Tuscarora School Board is seeking Realtors to sell its central office building on East Seminary Street.

Superintendent Rebecca Erb told the school board Monday the district should be ready to vacate the building in one year. Board members asked her to advertise for Realtors to find the best fee.

Business Administrator Eric Holtzman said Tuesday that the central office functions will be moved to Mercersburg Elementary School when renovations there are finished.

“It reduces our total square footage across the district, so it reduces our total operating costs,” he said.

The existing central office building needs mechanical system improvements, repairs to water damage in the basement, and the removal of asbestos and lead, Holtzman said.

Those renovations were expected to cost more than $200,000, so a year ago the board agreed with a plan to move administrative offices to the elementary school, he said.

Holtzman said one stone in the building has the year 1917 imprinted on it. He said the building previously was an automobile shop, then an electric company and appliances retailer.

The school board passed a $32 million budget this week, but chose to not raise property taxes as recommended by the administration.

Holtzman said if revenue comes in as projected, there will be a $145,000 gap left by not increasing taxes. He said that hole will be filled with savings or possibly better-than-anticipated funding from the state, depending on what is passed in the coming weeks by the Pennsylvania General Assembly.

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