Williamsport briefs

June 14, 2011

Council approves budget

WILLIAMSPORT — The Williamsport Town Council voted Monday to approve the town’s $3.91 million fiscal year 2012 budget and to approve water and sewer rate increases of 4.5 percent and 4 percent, respectively.

There were no changes to the town budget from the version that went to a public hearing June 6, Mayor James G. McCleaf II said.

The budget and the rate increases were approved by 4-0 votes, with council members Anthony Drury and Timothy Fraker absent.

McCleaf said the water and sewer rate increases were the result of county rate increases that make water and sewer more expensive for the town.

“That’s the pass-on that the county gives to us,” he said. “We’re not making anymore money than we did before, we’re just passing them down.”

The town budget includes a $1.2 million general fund budget, a $1.91 million electricity fund budget and a $796,000 water and sewer fund budget.

The general fund budget is about 16 percent higher than the $1.04 million general fund budget approved for fiscal year 2011, but town officials have said actual general fund spending for fiscal year 2011 was close to the $1.2 million mark.

Pool to be open July 4

WILLIAMSPORT — In a change from recent years, the L. Beard Miller Pool in Byron Memorial Park in Williamsport will be open July 4, Mayor James G. McCleaf II said Monday.

Pool users will need to use the side entrance that day, and the pool will close at 7 p.m., McCleaf said.

Council to discuss demolition ordinance

WILLIAMSPORT — Williamsport’s mayor and council will meet July 7 at 6:30 p.m. at Town Hall to discuss creating an ordinance on demolitions, council members agreed Tuesday.

Mayor James G. McCleaf said the ordinance was being considered in light of recent events, including the sale of the building that housed Wolfe’s on the Square.

“With a lot of the things going on in town, I really think it’s important that we don’t just let anybody come in and tear down everything,” McCleaf said. “But we also need to give them the right to be able to do what they need to do to fix the property.”

Town Clerk Donnie Stotelmyer said he worked with Maryland Municipal League officials to identify several model ordinances from towns of a similar size.

McCleaf said he would like the council to vote on the measure as an emergency ordinance at its July 11 meeting.

French appointed meter attendant

WILLIAMSPORT — The Williamsport Town Council voted Monday to appoint resident Edward French as a parking meter attendant.

Mayor James G. McCleaf suggested the appointment and the council approved it by a 4-0 vote.

 — Heather Keels

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