Funkstown budget includes water rate increase

June 13, 2011|By JULIE E. GREENE |

Funkstown water rates will go up 6.5 percent in July as the town passes along a water increase from its supplier, the City of Hagerstown.

The Town Council voted 4-0 on May 24 to approve its budget for the fiscal year that begins July 1, Town Clerk/Treasurer Brenda Haynes said Monday. Assistant Mayor Sharon Chirgott and Councilman John Phillips III were absent from that meeting, Haynes said.

No one, other than town officials, attended a budget hearing on May 24 that was followed by the special meeting with the budget vote, Haynes said.

The 2011-12 budget calls for total expenditures of $248,385 and estimates a $74,842 surplus, according to a copy of the budget. The current year’s budget is expected to end with a $44,711 surplus after $268,715 in expenses and a $1,130 reimbursement from the state for mosquito control.

On the revenue side, the town is expecting more highway user fees — $12,660 compared with $4,678 — from the state.

The new budget includes several expenses that remain the same from the current fiscal year.
They are:
$500 for Olde Tyme Christmas, which is budgeted to raise $2,040 in revenue.
$500 for July’s Battle of Funkstown re-enactment, which is budgeted to raise $1,644 in revenue.
$2,160 for executive travel. This is a gas allowance for the mayor, who is not paid a salary, Haynes said.
$5,000 for Funkstown Volunteer Fire Co.
$12,000 to buy a pickup truck with a plow for maintenance. There is $12,000 in the current budget for the truck, which still could be purchased before the end of the fiscal year, Haynes said.
Some budget expenses that were increased are:
$3,500 for repairs and maintenance in the Public Works budget. That’s an increase of $1,500 from the budgeted amount this fiscal year, Haynes said.  
$1,500 for street overlay, an increase of $1,000.
$500 to use the inmate work program. This fiscal year, inmates helped clean up at the park and around the town’s sewer treatment plant, Haynes said.
$3,500 for recreation and parks equipment repairs, a $1,000 increase.
$1,000 for park lights, a $200 increase because the town has lights at the new basketball court and is expecting to have lights for the new tennis courts, Haynes said.  
$300 for an election in May 2012. There wasn’t a town election this fiscal year.
Some expenses were reduced compared with this fiscal year. They include:
$11,700 for street lighting, compared with $15,800. The town replaced its streetlights with lights that will require less electricity, Haynes said.
No money was budgeted for mosquito control, which had a $1,130 budget this fiscal year, because the state discontinued the program.
No money was budgeted for a town picnic, which was last held two years ago, Haynes said.

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