Letters to the Editor - June 11

June 11, 2011

Deniers of evolution are just like Charlie Brown

To the editor:

G.F. Miller’s letter to the editor (June 3) was rather insightful — much more so than he probably intended. Yes, of course we remember Charlie Brown’s teacher: “Wah, wa-wa-wah.” How could we not?

What we have to understand, though, about those old Charlie Brown episodes is that the teacher never actually said, “Wah, wa-wa-wah.” No, the teacher most definitely said something intelligent and meaningful. It was only in Charlie Brown’s ears that the teacher sounded like, “Wah, wa-wa-wah,” because Charlie Brown was unable and unwilling to truly comprehend the teacher’s words.

And that’s exactly the problem we have with the deniers of evolution today. No matter how intelligent and meaningful the science may be, in their ears it always sounds like, “Wah, wa-wa-wah,” because the deniers of evolution are unable or unwilling to truly comprehend the science — just like Charlie Brown.

But why am I wasting my time? What I am writing here will probably sound like “Wah, wa-wa-wah” to the deniers of evolution anyway.

Hans K. Buhrer

Maryland is a sanctuary for illegal immigrants

To the editor:

That Democrat-controlled Maryland is a sanctuary state for illegal aliens is no surprise. What is a surprise is that in March, Maryland’s House of Delegates Rules Committee held hearings concerning the enforcement of federal immigration laws.

House Joint Resolution 10 was introduced by Republican Del. Neil Parrott and co-sponsored by 15 other delegates. Joint Resolution 10 resolves that Maryland “end sanctuary policies and require public and private employers to comply with federal and state immigration laws” and calls on law enforcement to arrest any person harboring illegal aliens.

Gov. O’Malley and his left-leaning comrades in the General Assembly seem to ignore the federal laws regarding immigration issues despite the constitutional requirement that they enforce them. Offering sanctuary to illegals not only undermines our legal system but also creates a great financial burden for Maryland’s citizen taxpayers.

The Pew Hispanic Center estimates the illegal alien population in Maryland to be 300,000. The direct costs to Maryland taxpayers forced to support the illegal population include education, health care and incarceration. According to a 2009 report by The Federation for American Immigration Reform, the documented cost of educating the state’s 80,000 children of illegal aliens through 12th grade is $966 million annually, plus $250 million for special English instruction. Health care for illegals in Maryland costs $167 million a year, and incarceration of illegals costs the state $29 million, the report states.

There are additional indirect costs that are incalculable but substantial.

Maryland has a budget deficit of more than $1 billion. Instead of encouraging the budget-busting illegals to leave, O’Malley and his comrades are imposing new taxes and fees on the already overtaxed citizens of Maryland.

Mary Markett
Burkittsville, Md.

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