Restaurant inspections for February 2011

June 11, 2011

The following food service establishments were inspected by the Washington County Health Department in February and found to have critical violations that needed to be corrected immediately:

Rick's China Garden, 17301 Valley Mall Road — * fried rice hot-hold temperature was too low (corrected, rice discarded); must clean outside portion of sugar, rice and flour containers; need cover for a flour container; must seal bare wood on floor of walk-in freezer; must clean can opener and walls of walk-in cooler; open cans being used to restore food.

The following food service establishments were inspected by the Washington County Health Department in February and found to have sanitation violations that must be corrected within 30 days:

Always Ron's Restaurant, 29 N. Burhans Blvd. — hand sinks in employee's and women's restrooms need to be resealed to walls.

Battleview Market, 5331 Sharpsburg Pike, Sharpsburg — Dumpster lid was open; need covered trash can in employee restroom; must repair/replace gasket at bottom of walk-in freezer door; must clean floor fan in kitchen prep area.

Boston Market, 1620 Wesel Blvd. — need to regrout floor tiles by back door.

Buffalo Wild Wings, 230 Railway Lane — leaking faucet at hand sink by sandwich prep unit's grill; sanitizer level not detected in sanitizer buckets (corrected); must repair/replace gasket on right door of meat sandwich prep unit; leak at back flow prevention device at mop sink; hand sink beside slicer slow to drain; hot water faucets in women's and men's restrooms and cold water faucet in men's restroom don't stay on for at least 15 seconds; hand sink in bar area blocked; need soap for bar hand sink.

CiCi's Pizza, 1580 Wesel Blvd. — must repair/replace gasket on right door of McCall salad refrigerator; need choking poster; must store wet wiping cloth in sanitizing solution when not in use; must clean inside top of grill hood filter and door leading into kitchen prep area; floor drain cover missing in kitchen prep area; hand sink in kitchen prep area needs drain pipe attached to sink; leaking faucet at mop sink; hot water faucet in men's restroom and hot water faucet in women's restroom not staying on for at least 15 seconds.

Fahrney-Keedy Home & Village, 8507 Mapleville Road, Boonsboro — must replace three light bulbs in grill hood filter; must clean inside of sugar container (corrected); must replace spatulas.

Gardner's Candies, 17301 Valley Mall Road — paper towels at hand sink in food prep area need to be put in dispenser; must clean white plastic tray inside ice machine and bottom shelf inside upright ice cream freezer; must move boxes of food off floor; must repair/replace holes in ceiling tiles in food storage area.

Gege's Place, 208 S. Church St., Sharpsburg — need light shield in kitchen prep area; must clean floor fan; must reposition ceiling tile around pipe to provide tight seal.

Roy Rogers Restaurant, 100 N. Burhans Blvd. — must clean shelf under soda dispenser by drive-in window (corrected); single-service items need to be stored upside down (corrected); must clean seal to wall behind three-compartment sink.

Sakura Japanese Restaurant, 102 Railway Lane — faucet at three-compartment sink leaking; must repair/replace bottom strip on door of walk-in cooler; leaking faucet at hand sink by grill; pots stored in hand sink by grill; must repair/replace gasket on left side of grill refrigerator door.

Sharpsburg Elementary School, 17525 Shepherdstown Pike, Sharpsburg — must clean floor fan in dishwashing room.

The following food service establishments had no violations in February: Burkholder's Baked Goods, 106 E. High St., Sharpsburg; E. Russell Hicks Middle School, 1321 S. Potomac St.; Kerfoot Refectory, Saint James School, 17641 College Road; Pizza Hut, 100 Railway Lane; Star Community, 13757 Broadfording Church Road; Subway, 17301 Valley Mall Road; Virginia Barbecue, 17301 Valley Mall Road; and Western Sizzlin, 17567 York Road.

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