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Two longtime members of The Herald-Mail family honored posthumously

June 04, 2011|Tony Mulieri

The Herald-Mail family lost two longtime members of the newsroom last October. Former Daily Mail Sports Editor Larry Yanos and former reporter Marlo Barnhart passed away.

Last week, their names came up on two different occasions as I went through my normal routine.

First, I received a call from Rick Schultz with the Washington County Sports Hall of Fame.

He said the Hall of Fame was having trouble locating any relatives associated with one of this year's inductees.

The Hall of Fame is looking for family members of the late Dave Kuhn, who graduated from Hagerstown High School in 1953 and Virginia Tech four years later. They have been unable to locate any family members to let them know Kuhn will be going into the Hall of Fame this summer.

The irony is that Yanos might have been one of the few people in the area who might have known something about Kuhn.

Schultz said Yanos, too, will be inducted posthumously into the Hall of Fame this summer. He said he tried for many years to nominate Yanos, but Larry always put him off. He told him to put him in after he was gone. So Larry will get his wish.

As for Kuhn, if anyone has any information about his relatives, call Schultz at 301-790-3399 or Gregg Dulauney at 240-675-1228.

Marlo's name surfaced last week when I received information about Washington County's home chemical safety poster contest.

As it turns out, it is now known as the Marlo Barnhart Home Chemical Safety Poster Contest.

Marlo would be tickled to know that a poster contest for children's safety would be named in her honor.

The contest winners were announced by the Washington County Commissioners in April. The winners were:

  • First place — Trinity Schlotterbeck, Williamsport Elementary School
  • Second place — Joe Curry, Rockland Woods Elementary School
  • Third place — Autumn Stone, Hancock Elementary School
  • Honorable mention — Ellie Bare, Sharpsburg Elementary School, and Bethany Norris, Pleasant Valley Elementary School

Each year, the Local Emergency Planning Committee, Emergency Management and County Special Operations Team host the poster contest in the county's elementary schools and a curriculum is presented to fourth-graders.

Marlo was a longtime supporter of the planning committee.

Lastly, I read with interest that a bicycle race will be held in Hagerstown this month.

I recall another bike race that passed through here. It was the Tour DuPont, which was held in the 1990s. Remember that one? It covered the mid-Atlantic states and was the U.S.'s version of the Tour de France.

I remember it drew a large crowd to the downtown area and I was amazed at the speed the cyclists could reach on the Washington Street stretch from St. Mary's Catholic Church to McDonald's. There was a Jumbo Tron set up in Public Square, which also acted as the finish line.

I remember there was a pretty bad spill involving several bicycles on the curve in front of the old Department of Motor Vehicles on the corner of East Franklin Street and Cannon Avenue.

I couldn't tell you who won the race, but the cyclists were amazing athletes and it was an extremely colorful event.

Tony Mulieri is community editor of The Herald-Mail. He can be reached at 301-791-7647 or by e-mail at

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