Letters to the Editor - June 2

June 02, 2011

Thanks for remembering ‘forgotten’ veterans

To the editor:

Our most sincere appreciation for Dan Dearth’s article about three of our guys and for highlighting the “Forgotten War” in Sunday’s paper.

The sacrifices of veterans should not be forgotten, and those of us who are Korean War veterans are particularly sensitive to being overlooked by history. This was one of the primary reasons we formed Antietam Chapter 312 nearly five years ago. In the last few weeks, we have been able to showcase ourselves in various ways.

On May 20, several of us visited Smithsburg High School to tell our story. On May 21, our color guard presented the colors at a Veterans Remembrance Day event at Funkstown Legion Post 211. On June 1, we presented the colors again at the military band series at Hagerstown Community College.

Today, we will participate in a fundraising event at Valley Mall. The guys would greatly appreciate seeing and visiting with the community. This interaction with the community works wonders on getting us past the “forgotten” aspect of our service.

By the way, I hope everyone noted in the article about the Joint Veterans Council that Wayne Taylor had on his KWVA, Ch. 312 cap. Again, thanks to The Herald-Mail for featuring our veterans and for your focus on Korean War veterans.

Les Bishop, secretary
Antietam Chapter 312
Korean War Veterans Association

Growing old in America has its price

To the editor:

This is in response to a letter about Medicare. Obama lashed out at Republicans for embracing the budget proposal by U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan. Seniors should compare the president’s own plans for Medicare with those of Ryan, whose budget shows that Democratic cuts are far more immediate and drastic than those of Republicans.

Republican Medicare changes would take effect in 2021. Obama’s cuts would hurt seniors right away. Obamacare legislation imposed a hard spending cap on Medicare — the first time it has ever had one. The president has proposed lowering another one half of 1 percent of GDP (a further cut of $70 billion annually).

The Republicans came up with a plan to secure entitlememt programs today so our children won’t come up empty-handed.  The Republican plan won’t make any changes to the current Medicare plans of anyone 55 or older. For those 54 and younger, changes must be made or the funds will be gone — period. Even if vouchers are used, it will be for seniors age 65 to purchase private insurance.

According to C-SPAN, Medicare is to be bankrupt by 2024.  Last Monday, the U.S. reached its debt limit. Obama and Harry Reid want to raise the debt ceiling regardless. China and Japan will not carry any more of our debt.

The Independent Payment Advisory Board includes 15 members chosen by Obama and has the task of reducing the rate of growth in Medicare without affecting coverage or quality. The IPAB will be guided by the concept of Quality Adjusted Life Years. Should the IPAB decide who gets a hip replacement or a heart transplant? Will options be reduced to accommodate Obama’s mandates? If death comes sooner, that is the price of growing old in America.  

Virginia Scrivenor

Times have changed regarding marriage and family

To the editor:

I have noticed that newborn children published in the newspaper occasionally have parents of different last names. This, I assume, would mean that a marriage does not exist. Lately, out of five births published, three couples were not married. Are we to assume that to have children out of wedlock is no longer, in the eyes of society, a stigma or shameful situation?

It has been published that one out of every four mothers is a single parent. What does this say for our society? Maybe too much sex education? Not enough effort by our religious leaders? Lack of control of emotions? Parental disinterest?  

The unfortunate results are that citizens end up paying for services for families without fathers. It is too easy for a man to walk away from a situation if no marriage license exists. In the past, if a young woman were to become pregnant out of wedlock, she was sent to another area with family to hide the pregnancy or she covered up the shameful situation to some extent. Times sure have changed.

Tom Wilhelm

Israel must stand firm in its resolve

To the editor:

It is amazing to me to learn that more than 75 percent of Jewish Americans supported President Obama in the last election. I truly can’t believe that this president draws support from this group when he is by far the most pro-Arab president in the history of the Jewish state.

Israel has been, from its existence, our strongest ally, perhaps even stronger than Great Britain. Our current leader, however, wants Israel to cede land and territory that is rightfully theirs. Thanks to the courage and wisdom of the prime minister of Israel, we can only hope they stand firm in their resolve.

As we go forward, all Americans can be thankful for the  everlasting friendship and unique bond between our two nations.

Jim Colombo

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