Washington County Free Library announces the winners of the 2011 Writers and Poets contest

April 29, 2011

The Washington County Free Library announces the winners of the 2011 Writers and Poets contest. This year, there were 80 short stories and 250 poems entered into the competition.   

Works could be submitted by residents of Washington County or holders of a Washington County Free Library card. The judges of the competition selected two winning entries in the area of short stories and poetry from each of five age divisions.

The winning entrants along with honorable mention works are as follows:

 Grades 2 and 3 Short Story winners: "Crazy Crafts," by Sophie Scheck, and "Pete's Wrong Turn," by Zachary Wandalow-ski

  • Honorable mention: "The Firewall," by Sullivan McGee
  • Poetry winners: "How I Love My Dog," by Karina Dekany, and "Fun," by Eli Singer
  • Honorable mention, "Winter," by Merrick McDougal

 Grades 4 and 5 Short Story winners: "CinderRide," by Rebecca L. Snyder, and "The Raconza Sword," by Mya Rattay

Poetry winners: "The Twilight Sled Ride," by Makenna Luzier, and "Dances of the Trees," by Lauryn Daniels

  • Honorable mention, "Where Am I?," by Ava Paul

  Grades 6 to 8 Short Story winners: "Lights Out," by Allyson Sikes, and "Gold Bones," by Rhiannon Himelfarb

  • Honorable mention:  "Undeserving," by Anna Blevins
  • Poetry winners: "River Dog," by Grace Li and "On Turning 18," by John Strauss
  • Honorable mention: "Thoughts on Winter," by Rhiannon Himelfarb

 Grades 9 through 12  Short Story winners: "We'll Decide Where We're Going When We Get There," by Marci Anne Corea, and "Harmony," by Krista Kirlew

  •  Honorable mention: "My Home, My Life," by Stephanie Eberly

 Poetry: "Peppermint Icicles," by David Hills, and "I Kill the Men Who Whistle," by Krista Kirlew, and "Unobtainable," by Brianne Wade


 Adult short story, "The Grave," by Barbara Vann, and "Redemption," by Chris Copley

Poetry: "Jerk the Chain," by J. Robert North, and "A Time Gone By," by Penny Miller

  • Honorable mention, "Time is Like an Outfit," by Fatima Abdul-Aleem
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