Letters to the Editor - April 30

April 28, 2011

Thanks to all who supported comedy, magic fundraiser

To the editor:

Safe Place, Child Advocacy Center of Washington County and Friends of Safe Place would like to thank the community for generously supporting its Fifth Annual Evening of Comedy and Magic at The Maryland Theatre. More than 425 people attended to raise funds for Safe Place, Child Advocacy Center.

Safe Place provides a child-focused, facility-based program committed to reducing the trauma to children who have been physically and sexually abused. Safe Place is the only agency in the county offering this comprehensive approach to child abuse investigations. Over the past 10 years, Safe Place has served more than 6,500 children and family members and has provided forensic medical examinations on-site to more than 600 children. Just last year alone, Safe Place served 903 children and family members, including more than 160 cases of sexual abuse. Our community is fortunate to have such an innovative advocacy center available to all county youngsters.  

Safe Place and Friends of Safe Place thank everyone who supported the recent Evening of Comedy and Magic and the many sponsors, committed to creating an abuse-free community, one child at a time.

Mooch Mutchler, director

Safe Place, Child Advocacy Center

Community continues to support Legion Auxiliary

To the editor:

What a beautiful Easter day. Friday was ugly, just like it was many years ago — a day of death and sorrow — but Sunday was a day of rebirth and rejoicing. Christ lives, and His love spreads across the earth.

Love is still around, and we sure saw it this weekend in Sharpsburg. Once again, I was proud to help with the annual Easter bake sale to raise money for our American Legion Auxiliary (Unit 236). And, as usual, we were cold and wet. But we, like the mail carriers, go on through rain, snow, etc. Yes, we have even had it with snow falling.

Our community supports us every time, no matter what the weather. They bake, they donate and they buy. This helps us to give back to our community — the youth, the seniors, the military and the veterans. No better feeling than when you help another. We thank you each and every one for what you did.

We no longer have a post home, but we are still very active. We only hold two fundraisers a year and the post only sells raffle tickets. Our money doesn't sit around; it comes in one door and goes out the other.

This is a hard time for many veterans groups. If you want to have some fun and make a difference, check out some. Most importantly, don't forget to pray for our troops and thank all our veterans for what they have done. Thank God that we have them!

May your spring be as bright as the flowers that are blooming.

Darlene Hoffman


Without the Lord, we are left for dead

To the editor:

On Good Friday, we read in scripture "Behold the Man." Jesus Christ standing before Pilate, and with all of His wounds and injuries, gives us a picture of sin and suffering and jealousy, and of how disfiguring sin is to humanity itself. Everything in the Bible, God's very word itself, is Jesus Christ showing us a picture of ourselves if we collude with Satan's hate.

The Lord Jesus Christ is the Good Samaritan who reassures the dying man who is left for dead on the roadside. Without the Lord, we are left for dead. Jesus came to save us from the ordeal of sin by His own life, the only leader who would lay down His life for his brothers. This just by itself makes Him so authentic.

When we stand before Christ in the last judgment of us, we must make sure His face is shining in our hearts like the face on Veronica's veil when she wiped away His painful sores and bleeding. We must accept the Lord Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior because He is.

Dorothy Panettiere


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