Letter to the Editor - April 21

April 21, 2011

Socialism is the evil that is destroying us

To the editor:

Socialism is evil. As it grew in Amerca, it gradually regulated our industries out of existence and drove up health care costs. It corrupted people into looking for a free ride instead of working. It rewarded the breeders and the bureaucrats. It robbed the savers through artificially low interest rates and 14 percent inflation. People die every day from the disease of socialism because they lose jobs and health care.

Now, we are under the control of an administration that only wants to steal from the rich, so they say, but robs the middle class, too. The administration does not seek to repair America. It seeks to destroy America.

All that is necessary to defeat Obama, Pelosi and the rest is to identify what they are — adherents of an evil philosophy. They seek to destroy anything good simply because they envy it. Objectivism is the answer.

Obama is being treated like a loyal American who really wants to cut spending but he actually seeks to plunder America and distribute our wealth to Third World countries. It is that desire for “sacrifice” that got us into an expensive war all for the good of the Libyans.

It is time our media stopped protecting evil and started reporting on it.

Doug Delmont
Waynesboro, Pa.

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