Deeds for March 2011

April 16, 2011

Charles Franklin Clopper, 120 S. Main St., Boonsboro, to Mount Nebo United Methodist Church, for $115,000.

William H. Richardson, 249 Daycotah Ave., Hagerstown, Sara Alice Mcinnes, for $109,990.

Eugene S. Albert Jr., 1415 Lindsay Lane, Hagerstown, to Cynthia L. Glass, for $242,500.

Marshall T. Myers L/E, 303 S. Conococheague St., Williamsport, to James E. Murray Sr., for $80,000.

Gerald Stevie Jr. and Jennifer Rhodes, 4119 Mills Road, Sharpsburg, to Nicole M. Williams, for $100,000.

Rosalio and Arcelia Hernandez, 327 Key West Drive, Hagerstown, to Huuchi Bui, for $99,000.

Joseph A. and Heather L. Taylor, 113 Greenwood Drive, Hagerstown, to Amanda Hendershot, for $135,000.

Avid Group LLC, 229 Green Fern Circle, Boonsboro, to DTH Properties LLC, for $174,000.

Lavon N. Thaxton, 18624 Outpost Road, Keedysville, to Gerald S. Rhodes, for $395,000.

Steven L. and Teresa J. Myers, 16940 Sprecher Road, Sharpsburg, to Dwayne David Knight, for $319,900.

Charles W. Harvey, 1213 Hillbrook Drive, Hagerstown, to Janice I. Ryan, for $200,000.

Christina S. Bonebrake, 9100 Cool Hollow Terrace, Hagerstown, to Jason J. Holmes, for $229,000.

Evin T. Grano, 9616 Afton Place, Hagerstown, to Douglas Shields, for $490,000.

Mark W. Duvall, 19300 Dogstreet Road, Keedysville, to Frances B. Wilson, for $370,000.

David B. and Shannon M. Gaither, 408 Whispering Wind Road, Hancock, to Joshua Kyle McCusker, for $101,000.

Martin Keith W. and Jeanne S. Martin, 17827 Garden View Road, Hagerstown, to Sonya Pryor, for $190,000. 4058 433

Robert M. Jr. and Jennifer L. Miller, 19126 Sandyhook Road, Knoxville, to Jennifer Hymiller, for $225,000.

Charles M. and Julie McGuffin, 20725 Keadle Road, Boonsboro, to Michael R. Woolingham, for $272,900.

Robert and Stella Mandley, 20857 San Mar Road, Boonsboro, to Ken Tilhgman, for $285,000.

Benjamin A. Mock Sr., 245 N. Locust St., Hagerstown, to April L. Hodge, for $160,000,

Florence L. Smith, 14126 Edgemont Road, Smithsburg, to Richard L. Harshamn II, for $84,000.

Gary E. Stine, 11411 Longview Drive, Hagerstown, to John A. Griffith III, for $144,000.

Audrey Joann Miller, 40 E. Henrietta St., Smithsburg, to Shane A. Pitt, for $257,000. 4064 -267

Richard O. and Vickie D. Petricig, 112 Pangborn Blvd., Hagerstown, to Troy D. Lewis, for $185,000.

Abraham K. Habtemichael, 20143 Kellys Lane, Hagerstown, to Thomas M. Giffin Jr., for $105,000.

John C. Bogdanski trustee, 13229 Glendale Drive, Hagerstown, to Brian J. Jenkins, for $224,000.

Leonard R. and Ruth J. Shade, 440 Liberty St., Hagerstown, to Kyle R. Wilson, for $35,000.

Hubert I. Shifler Jr., trustee L/E., 428 Virginia Ave., Hagerstown, to Jacobson Investments LLC, for $77,500.

Stephen H. and Donna J. Edwards, 17239 Taylors Landing Road, Sharpsburg, to Mary Malaspina, for $210,000.

Richard L. Shank Jr. and Kevin E. Wantz Shank, 348 Pangborn Blvd., Hagerstown, to Christine J. Thompson, $137,000.

Frances L. Horst, trustee, 14911 Rufus Wilson Road, Clear Spring, to Rimini Ann Ringquist, for $110,000.

Karen V. Musser, 12930 Pecktonville Road, Big Pool, to David M. Shirley Jr., for $69,900.

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