Voice of the Earth pitch year-round organic agriculture and training center

Group is looking for property for its Yanauwa Center to teach 'green' job skills

April 15, 2011|By DON AINES |

Greenhouses, a learning center and a community could grow in an unused orchard under an environmental group's plan outlined this week to the Hancock Town Council.

"We're a group that formed about 15 years ago ... around the Native American Principles of Right Relationship," Voice of the Earth President Nancy M. "Jasmine" Wallace told the council Wednesday.

Wallace said the group has been looking for a property to build its Yanauwa Center, which would promote year-round organic agriculture and training in "green" job skills for the general public and military veterans.

"A real big part of this is we want to help retrain them (veterans) ... and help them recover from being in the war," Wallace said.

The training could help them start their own green businesses, she said.

The greenhouses would be used to grow both organic fish and produce in a system called aquaponics, Wallace said.

The group hopes to negotiate with the owners of a 3,500-acre property in the area, either to buy it at a low price or have the land donated to the organization, Wallace said. The owners have not been contacted yet, she said.

Asked by Councilman Sinclair Hamilton what Voice of the Earth was requesting from the town, Wallace said the group could donate the land to the town which, in exchange, could donate 500 acres back to them for its project.

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