One teen placed in detention, one in foster care for sexually assaulting their sister

Judge bars their father from having any contact with them

April 14, 2011|By DON AINES |

A judge in Washington County Juvenile Court Wednesday placed one teen in detention and his older brother in therapeutic foster care for sexually assaulting their sister, while barring their father from having contact with either one of them.

Earlier this year one brother admitted to a third-degree sex offense, and his younger brother admitted to a fourth-degree sex offense involving their sister. On Wednesday, Circuit Court Judge Donald E. Beachley, sitting as a juvenile court judge, ordered the older brother placed in therapeutic foster care.

The boys' father wanted his sons to live with him. However, the boys' mother told the judge she believed her younger son should be placed in a residential program and the older one in foster care.

"He needs a more structured facility to get himself straightened out," the mother said of her younger son.

That was contrary to what the boy's defense attorney asked of the court.

"We do believe he should be in a home. A home with a family that can raise him properly," Assistant Public Defender Brian Hutchison told Beachley.

The judge referred to a report provided by the state Department of Juvenile Services that the boy was "at a high risk for re-offending," and a survey the 13-year-old took which indicated he had "troublesome responses" to questions regarding sexual relations between teenagers and children.

"I wish they'd be brought into my home so they can live with me," the father said when Beachley asked where he wanted his sons to go.

"The allegation is there is pornography in your house," Beachley said, referring to what the boys told investigators.

"That's not true," the father said.

"Then they're lying?" Beachley asked. The father again denied having pornography.

"The state's very concerned about interaction with the natural father," Assistant State's Attorney Brett Wilson said earlier in the hearing.

Wilson referred to statements the father purportedly made to the victim, including "that she was as much at fault as the boys."

Beachley ordered that neither boy have contact with the father "until therapeutically recommended."

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