Williamsport Town Council to allow town streets to be used for bike race

April 14, 2011|By DAVE McMILLION |

Williamsport Town Council members this week agreed to allow town streets to be used for the fourth annual Tour of Washington County bicycle race on Father's Day weekend.

Last year's race, which hosted more than 300 riders, passed through various towns in Washington County, including Williamsport.

There are four stages to the race, and Williamsport has been designated for the fourth stage of this year's race on June 19.

Tim Lung, spokesman for the Antietam Velo Club, which is organizing the race, appeared before Williamsport Town Council members and Mayor James G. McCleaf II Monday night to ask permission to hold the fourth stage of the race in Williamsport.

Council members agreed to allow the race in town, although Councilwoman Maya Haines said she was troubled over how an elderly neighbor was given access to her house during last year's race.

Haines said the incident left a "bad taste" in her mouth.

Although Lung said he has been satisfied with the way the event has been handled in Williamsport, Lung suggested that a logistics meeting be held before the race to go over procedures in town.

McCleaf spoke positively of the race, saying people in town often sit on their porches to watch riders.

"The first year, everyone was a little intimidated, but it's been great," McCleaf said.

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