Mentzer Gap curve, bump could get smoothed out in township plan

April 13, 2011|By JENNIFER FITCH |

WAYNESBORO, Pa. — The curve on Mentzer Gap Road at Valleywood Drive would be softened if the Washington Township (Pa.) Supervisors decided to redesign the road based on drawings they reviewed Wednesday.

The supervisors said they would talk more about the road during their 2012 budget meetings.

Concerned with the sharp curve, the supervisors hired surveyor R. Lee Royer to propose changes based on traffic standards. His results show the road being moved 8 to 10 feet south of its current configuration toward a property owned by Joseph Stewart III.

"We didn't do any cost numbers yet," Township Manager Mike Christopher said, saying municipal crews could do most of the work, except for topcoat.

Motorists are supposed to travel 25 mph in that section of road, but vehicles moving faster can have trouble negotiating the curve, officials said.

The curve's radius would be elongated under the proposed plan, Supervisor Carroll Sturm said.

Valleywood Drive would be extended to meet the new road layout, Supervisor Elaine Gladhill said.

Supervisors talked about a bump on Mentzer Gap Road southeast of Valleywood Drive.

"It has a launch point," Sturm said.

Supervisor John Gorman suggested the township could smooth that bump before tackling the road realignment project.

Supervisors Chairman Stephen Kulla questioned how the township would pay for the work when the supervisors are dealing with budget constraints.

"It seems to me there are other priorities," he said.

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