Building Permits- April 10

April 13, 2011

The following permits recently were issued in Washington County

New homes

Ernest F. and Ladeanna C. White, 19841 Cool Hollow Road, Hagerstown, 2,383-square-foot two-story modular log cabin dwelling on a full unfinished stairwell exit basement, covered front and rear porches, replaces a 14-foot-by-70-foot single wide mobile home.

Elmwood Realty LLLP, 13307 John Martin Drive, Williamsport, 2,586-square-foot two-story single family dwelling, full unfinished welled exit basement with future bath roughed in, full basemen in lieu of crawl space behind garage, attached two-car garage, covered front porch, two-foot extension to the rear, frame construction and pre-engineered truss roof.

Home improvements

Peter D. and Christine E. Madeo, 9349 Stottlemyer Road, Boonsboro, 643-square-foot one-story addition to existing log cabin with full unfinished basement to include kitchen, full bath and living area, 84-square-foot covered front porch, pre-engineered roof trusses, frame construction.

Kaitlin Michele Zaffaroni and Ryan Suter, 13919 Mercersburg Road, Clear Spring, repair split foyer single family dwelling destroyed by fire damage, remove and replace trusses on roof, gut interior partition walls for new plumbing, electrical and mechanical installations, insulation and drywall, new masonry chimney.

Steven W. Presgraves, 14438 Spickler Road, Clear Spring, 28-foot-by-32-foot (896-square-foot) attached two-car garage, frame construction with pre-engineered trusses on concrete floor with foundation.

Aaron and Stacia Horton, 10201 Bear Creek Drive, Hagerstown, general remodel of existing two-story dwelling to include new drywall and flooring, gutting bathrooms to remodel, finish 624-square-foot of attic space for a conditioned storage area, replacing roof sheathing and rafters as required and reshingle, replacing existing porch roof with same size frame gable roof.

Leonard H. Worthington, 17709 Broadfording Road, Hagerstown, enclosing 252-square-foot covered rear porch to be used as a sunroom, frame construction.

Thomas G L Warrenfeltz, 18231 Roycroft Drive, Hagerstown, 192-square-foot open deck to rear of dwelling, pressure treated lumber construction.

Diane Cullop, 11420 Boyd Road, Clear Spring, interior remodel to include replacing the floors as needed due to water damage, replace drywall, porch repairs, plumbing and electrical as needed.

Sara E. Cool, 11115 Lincoln Ave., Hagerstown, interior renovations to include new kitchen cabinets and tile flooring, complete renovations to full bath and half bath.

Dale M. and Paula K. Ford, 6113 Appletown Road, Boonsboro, 720-square-foot pavilion, pole frame construction with pier footers, pre-engineered trusses, gravel floor.

Gerald E. Downs II, 19821 Shepherdstown Pike, Boonsboro, 729-square-foot second floor space interior renovation due to fire, to include private owner's office and bathroom with electrical and plumbing.

Florence K. Taylor, 9512 Childacrest Drive, Boonsboro, 80-square-foot open deck to rear of detached two-car garage, pressure treated frame construction with composite decking, vinyl handrails, steps to grade.

David M. and Sharon L. Plank, 19808 Evelyn Ave., Hagerstown, 900-square-foot two-story residential pole building with 360-square-foot of light storage on second floor, expandable stairway for access, pier footings, concrete slab floor, frame construction, pre-engineered truss roof.

Jonathan W. Pryor, 20617 Mt. Aetna Road, Hagerstown, convert 121-square-foot of existing bedroom into full bath and walk-in closet, partition walls with drywall, new plumbing and electrical wiring.

David and Margaret Nock, 19227 Jamestown Drive, Hagerstown, removing and relocating of non-load bearing walls in basement, drywall replacement and lumber as needed due to mildew.

Michael S. Wigfield, 20726 Trovinger Mill Road, Hagerstown, converting 450-square-foot garage into living area, renovation to include drywall, moving doors and windows, adding sleepers to concrete floor, electrical and mechanical.

Ricky L. and Carol M. Nokes, 2210 Kaetzel Road, Knoxville, enclosing 330-square-foot open deck to left side of dwelling to be used as an unheated sunroom, frame construction, pre-engineered roof trusses.


Advertising Inc., 21817 Jefferson Blvd., Smithsburg, 1,334-square-foot interior renovation to include adding interior walls to existing storage room, radiant floor heat in storage room, new sink in bathroom and electric.

Roth Meadowbrook Farm Inc., 11815 Cedar Ridge Road, Williamsport, construction of manure storage facility adjacent to existing barnyard.

PR Valley Limited Partnership, 17301 Valley Mall Road, Hagerstown, install a 2-foot-by-9-foot LED illuminated channel lettered sign on store front identifying "Best Buy Mobile" and a 4-foot-by-12-foot acrylic sheet with vinyl and acrylic lettering on existing track wall on interior of store.

Washington County Hospital Endowment Fund, 11110 Medical Campus Road, Hagerstown, demolition of partial walls in the rehab center of Robinwood Medical Center, Suite 201.

Darel and Melisa M. Myers, 2216 Rohrersville Road, Knoxville, intent to build a 38-foot-by-72-foot 'hoop barn' for storage of hay on active farm.

Chesapeake Church Conf. Assoc., 17805 Sherman Ave., Hagerstown, interior renovations to existing church to include new partitions at front and back of sanctuary to create prayer rooms, entry vestibule and mother's room, modifications to men's and women's restrooms to comply with the Maryland accessibility code, work to include mechanical, electrical and plumbing.

Outlet Village of Hagerstown, 487 Premium Outlets Blvd., Hagerstown, 27-inch-by-12-foot-4-inch internally illuminated replacement sign identifying "Auntie Anne's" premium outlets space FC-70.

Washington Co. Endowment Dev. Co. Inc., 11116 Medical Campus Road, Hagerstown, installing partition walls in existing garage at Meritus Medical Center to create a work room for HVAC/plumbing staff and a carpenter shop.

Meritus Medical Center Endowment, 11116 Medical Campus Road, Hagerstown, completion of 5th floor west wing patient rooms, 5101, 5102, 5103, 5104, 5105, 5106, 5107, 5108, 5109, 5129, 5130 and completing entire core area including 3 nurses stations and family waiting area, work to include plumbing fixtures, electrical, case work, flooring, paint and other associated finishes.

Alireza and Leyla Mohadjer, 4040 Mills Road, Sharpsburg, agriculture certificate for a 26-foot-by-72-foot agriculture greenhouse to be used for sale of crops off-site at various farmers markets, metal construction with poly/plastic covering.

Janet S. Stiles, 18848 Printz Road, Boonsboro, intent to build a 40-foot-by-100-foot three sided pole building for housing of dry cows, 56-foot-by-32-foot manure barn in concrete pit with pole frame covering.

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