Crosswalks in Greencastle may get a facelift

April 06, 2011|By ROXANN MILLER |

GREENCASTLE, Pa. — Some of the pedestrian crosswalks in Greencastle could soon get a new look.

The Greencastle Borough Council voted unanimously Monday to hire Ginny Lays, president of The Write Group Inc., to research and write a grant to help fund the new crosswalks. But, the council hasn't voted on installing the new crosswalks yet.

While Lays will spend about eight hours researching federal, state and foundation funding options to support the project, she is unsure if she'll get the money for the project.

"Grants are a lot more competitive right now, because everybody is very constrained in their own organization funding. So, it's much more competitive," Lays said.

"I'm not exactly sure what's happening at the state level with the budget cuts and how that is going to impact the funding streams that have previously been available for downtown kinds of activities," Lays said. "Although he (Gov. Tom Corbett) is a very strong proponent of economic development. So, these funding streams may remain in place."

Lays will be paid $25 an hour for her grant-writing time.

H. Duane Kinzer, a Greencastle Borough Council member and a member of Downtown Greencastle Inc., is spearheading the project.

"A lot of areas are doing the brick (crosswalks) similar to what Waynesboro and Hagerstown did with their crosswalks. But, I don't want to do brick. We would like to do something different. The main thing is to improve the square," Kinzer said.

He wants something that stands out and doesn't protrude above the macadam like brick does.

"This would be an imprint into the macadam," Kinzer said. "It would be smooth."

Since it's a state highway, the borough would need the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation's approval, he said.

The estimated cost of putting down the crosswalks is $20,000, Kinzer said.

"The whole thing is for safety and to give us the beautification just like Waynesboro has done," he said.

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