Washington County commissioners say overall pay for election board to remain the same

April 06, 2011

FUNKSTOWN — When the number of regular members on the Washington County Board of Elections increases from three to five, the annual salary per member should decrease to keep the overall pay to the board the same, the Washington County Board of Commissioners agreed Tuesday.

Commissioners President Terry Baker recommended a $3,500 annual salary for the election board president, and $3,000 each for the other four members.

The president currently gets $5,000, the other two members make $4,500 each, and the alternates receive $75 per meeting, county officials said.

State lawmakers have changed the number of people who serve on the county election board from three members with two alternates to five members with no alternates, County Administrator Gregory B. Murray said.

Board members, who are appointed by the governor with state Senate consent, serve four-year terms.

The terms of the current election board members expire June 30, and the new salaries would take effect with the new board on July 1, Murray said.

Baker made his recommendation Tuesday night, when county officials held their annual meeting at the Funkstown Town Hall.

Earlier in the commissioners' meeting Tuesday, county officials discussed paying the president of the five-member board $3,200 and the other four members $2,700 each.

Those figures were reached by using the $14,000 total of the current salaries for the three regular board members. Baker said Tuesday night that county officials forgot to take into account the expense for the alternates when trying to calculate new salaries.

Murray said county officials also need to look at the overall funding hike for the election board because the board requested other budget increases.


— Julie E. Greene and Heather Keels

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