Letter to the Editor - April 5

April 05, 2011

It would appear that the time of Atlas is at hand

To the editor:

I was pleased to see the book "Atlas Shrugged" made into a movie. It occurred to me that unlike Ayn Rand’s classic book, real life doesn't need a science fiction twist.  

Because I believe that we're living through an Atlas Shrugged time. Based sometime in the near future the book tells the tale of an overbearing socialist government that is out to stifle and take the wealth from creative, smart people. Sound familiar?

It should, because that is the type of people we've installed in government. I include Republicans in that because they've not shrunk the government nor given us more freedom.

There is little difference between the parties, as even now it is apparent that Republicans won't cut spending and muzzle government.

When you complain about outsourcing, ask yourself why not? In 2008, we elected one of the most backward, anti-freedom, anti-progress Congresses and president that has ever been. This group despises wealth unless it's in the hands of their Ivy League corporate buddies.

So if I'm a man whose business supplies people with things they want, then yes, I'll disappear to India or Malaysia. Why should I stay in a place that openly despises me and sees me as a walking wallet, a place whose people feel entitled to take my hard-earned wealth when they've never worked a day in their life?

James Parsons
Carlisle, Pa.

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