Jobless rates in Franklin, Fulton counties fell during Feb.

April 04, 2011
  • Franklin County, Pa., Fulton County, Pa. and Pennsylvania statewide unemployment rates for February 2011
Source: Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. — Franklin and Fulton counties in Pennsylvania experienced notable drops in their unemployment rates in February, according to the latest data from the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry.

Franklin County experienced its largest over-the-month drop since January 2003, when the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate fell six-tenths of a percentage point to 6.8 percent, a labor department analysis stated.

Neighboring Fulton County’s rate changed from 10.8 percent in January to 9.9 percent in February.

Pennsylvania’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 8 percent, while the national rate was 8.9 percent. The analysis stated Franklin County’s rate has been below the state and national rates for 14 consecutive months.

Franklin County tied with Lancaster and Sullivan counties for the 14th-lowest unemployment rate among Pennsylvania’s 67 counties. It ranked just behind Cumberland County, which shares Franklin County’s northern border.

Fulton County moved out of the 66th spot ,where it lingered for months, instead ranking 63rd in February.

In Franklin County, the number of nonagriculture jobs were unchanged in February. The county gained 300 non-farm jobs since February 2010.

Franklin County lost 100 retail jobs, which labor department analysts attributed to retailers cutting seasonal employees. Manufacturing also showed a decline of 100 jobs between January and February.

Labor department data shows 500 more people in Franklin County’s labor force of 80,200 were employed in February.

— Jennifer Fitch

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