New Business Spotlight: MMI of Hagerstown

April 03, 2011
  • Physical therapist Beverly Kornides is one of four employees at Mid-Maryland Musculoskeletal Institute, which opened an office on Howell Road in Hagerstown in February.
By Chris Tilley/Staff Photographer

Name of Business: MMI of Hagerstown (Mid-Maryland Musculoskeletal Institute)

Owner: Orthopaedic Associates of Frederick (physician group of orthopedic, sports medicine, pain management and rheumatology specialities)

Address: 1825 Howell Road, Hagerstown

Opened: Feb. 10, 2011

Products and services: Outpatient physical therapy office specializing in biomechanical evaluations for runners, walkers and patients with chronic lower-extremity pain issues. Totally custom orthotics are manufactured on-site at the office.

Target market: Tri-State area. Most insurances are accepted. Targets common athletic injuries, knee, shin and foot pain, as well as neck and low-back pain. Athletes interested in having an evaluation of ankle/foot/knee and hip mechanics as they relate to their running style and/or associated problems with training and running. Rehabilitation is not limited to athletes. MMI Hagerstown welcomes all ages who might need rehab for chronic conditions or post-operative physical therapy.

Motivation: Beverly Kornides had her own physical therapy business 10 years ago. The company was called Potomac Rehab Services. In 2001, she sold the business and went on to develop MMI of Frederick Rehab. Kornides successfully managed that office for four years. As part of MMI expansion interest into the Washington County market, she welcomed the chance to work again in her home community to develop an outpatient physical therapy clinic with emphasis on biomechanics of ambulation and running. Custom-manufactured inserts and orthotics are offered for those who need additional control in the shoes. Kornides’ motivation is her love of her profession and the excitement of developing business opportunities.

Previous experience: Owner and operator of Potomac Rehabilitation Services from 1993 to 2001.

Number of employees: Four, including Kornides 

Hours: Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Phone: 301-694-8311, ext. 190



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