Letter to the Editor - April 1

April 01, 2011

Separation of Bible from state has evolved more fools

To the editor:

It is better to be sold on snake oil than filled with the bitter tea of the atheist evolution crowd. Evolution has brainwashed children and young adults with exposed lies and manipulated manufactured facts and touted them as scientific facts — many that are still in textbooks being used in schools and colleges today. This, in itself, confirms evolution takes a strong faith to believe; thus, a religion.

There are those who agree that the history of evolution is full of deception, but, only by letter writers because biologists would not misrepresent anything. They misrepresented a pig’s tooth as a transitional stage of a missing link for a transitional human.

A theory is a theory! Calling evolution a scientific fact based on observation, experiment and calculation is a real stretch for (so-called) rational thinking people who cannot get past one transitional life form without deceit in some shape or form.

Here’s the bait-and-switch that many in the pro-death for babies crowd espouse, “.... embryos could not become babies, seeds could not become trees, and thoughts could not become letters. Human embryos are babies, tree seeds are trees but thoughts can rationalize anything. Letters or not.”  

The Bible says, “The fool hath said there is no God.” To evolve more fools, the Bible has been separated from state.


Phillip M. Snider
Martinsburg, W.Va.

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