Mail Call - March 30

March 29, 2011

“This is for all you basketball fans. Don’t you think it would be a good idea to have the boys’ NCAA champion play the boys’ NIT champion, and have the same thing with the girls in the NCAA and NIT? I think they would be good basketball games, and we would see how good the NIT is compared to the NCAA.”
— Williamsport

“I support Terry Baker. A budget is a plan adjusting expenses during a certain period, to the estimated or fixed income for the period. Taxpayer money should not — I repeat — not be spent on nonessentials.”
— Hagerstown

“Mr. Northcraft’s comments on teacher incentives: A few things he failed to mention were that during the 1990s when there were 1,200 students, there were (fewer) administrators, and at the present time there are six administrators, none of whom will be furloughed or asked to retire. In the 1990s, there were 20 or less in an elementary class. Next year between 2011, 2012, there’ll be 25 to 30 in an elementary class. Just a little clarification.”
— Fulton County, Pa.

“A couple of news flashes for all you Mail Call readers. One, just because you don’t have a job doesn’t mean other people don’t deserve a raise. Whether they’re state employees or not, their lack of getting a raise won’t get you a job. Two, the climate is changing. It’s not just a conspiracy by Al Gore and the Democrats. Check the glaciers — they’re really melting. Go see. Three, corruption is killing our country, on all sides; union, business, and government.”
— Halfway

“Wednesday, March 23, I was coming on 68, 70 east, about 8:30 this morning, 9:00, and it’s no wonder we have so many people dying in so many wrecks on the interstates. Everybody who passed me this morning was mostly young people, flying, 75, 85 mph. And nobody knows how to use a turn signal. That’s that little handle on the left side of your steering wheel, most of the time, unless you have a later model and they put it in a different place. Wake up and drive right, will you?”
— Hancock

“The 23rd of March is the 60th anniversary of the combat jump at Munsan-Ni, Korea. The jump was made by the 187th regimental combat team of the 11th Airborne Division, and they were carried into battle in C-119s of the 314th Troop Carrier Group.”
— Rohrersville

“To the resident of Brown Road, about the prizes and fees: I’ve been getting them, too. They come once a week, and I sent back the latest one and told them to mail me the checks but take out their fees first. That should be the end of that. I will call again if they do it for me — ha.”
— South Pointe

“This is for the Hagerstown caller who called and said about unions, how they ruined this country. Unions have done very, very good for this country and for workers. If you have HBO, watch that documentary about the textile building that burned, and 143 women and young girls were dead. Young girls younger than 15 were working at this place. The unions have stopped — no unions, and they could make your 12-year-old son work 16-hour days, and there isn’t anything you could do about it.”
— Hagerstown

“With all of the honest, hardworking people looking for work, I think that such a irresponsible, lazy worker like Bumstead should be fired.”
— Hagerstown

“To the person on Brown Road and anyone else who is requested to send money to receive something they won: Don’t do it. This is a typical scam to get money from you, and you will not receive anything from them. Throw those letters away.”
— Waynesboro, Pa.

“Hope the Martinsburg quota hasn’t been met. There is an epidemic that demonstrates how the secular progressives undermine intelligence and the English language that crosses all spectrums of education. You know, you know, you know — ahhh, you know. Ahhh, if I know, you do not have to tell me. So you’re either wasting words demonstrating ignorance or showing stupidity thinking — you know, you know. Now it even appears in print as, i.e., Mail Call.”
— Martinsburg, W.Va.

“Why is it when I go to a restaurant someone has to blow their nose? It happens when my food is being served. Can’t you go to the bathroom and blow your honker?”
— Smithsburg

“As a concerned parent, I am coming to you to express the importance of watching for stopped buses with blinking red stop signs. I have had now two occasions where I was putting my boys, ages 5 and 8, on the bus, and a passerby decided not to stop. The bus driver, Mr. Sprecher (8c), gives a long beep to those who do not stop, and I would like to thank him for doing this, as it is our warning to stay even more alert when putting our children on the bus. Can everyone just give the children one extra thought in the mornings and afternoons?”
— Hagerstown  

“Been reading Gov. O’Malley’s pension reform revisions for state employees. Seems that if his plan is so good, along with Obamacare, that all the elected officials should be obligated into this plan so everyone enjoys the full benefits.”
— Downsville

“Reading today’s March 23 Mail Call, most of the callers seem to be proof that we need better education in Washington County. One guy blames the Environmental Protection Agency for taking all kinds of money, and advocates of global warming, and that’s not even what they stand for. They try to keep your water and your air clean — which, believe me, you want. Just go to Mexico or China, like I have, and you’ll see the difference when you don’t have clean water or air without protection.”
— Hagerstown

“I’m darn mad at these Republicans and the county commission, that want to borrow and spend just like George Bush and Ronald Reagan, and run this country into the ground. Is that all Republicans know how to do is borrow money and then stand around after they’re out of office, watching the rest of us pay for it? If we need something in this county, we should pay taxes to get it.”
— Washington County

“From the articles in the newspapers lately, I have to say, how do you like our all-Republican county commissioners now?”
— Hagerstown

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