Letters to the Editor - March 29

March 28, 2011

Donoghue voted correctly on gay marriage

To the editor:

I am writing to commend Maryland Del. John Donoghue for the courage he displayed in voting against the bill that would have granted gay and lesbian couples the right to marry in Maryland. I believe that Donoghue is a conservative Democrat, which in and of itself, is a courageous position to hold in Maryland.

However, his vote for traditional marriage required tremendous moral strength. I am sure that he was pressured to reconsider his vote and yet he remained strong and voted his conscience.

This bill was couched in civil liberties language, but in truth gay and lesbian couples already have civil rights protection under the law. The reality is that this bill was a head-on assault against marriage.

Donoghue’s vote was a vote for the children of Maryland and every traditional family that works hard to raise their children to be responsible and productive citizens. There is so much research available today that touts the problems faced by children when they do not grow up with a father and a mother.

Throughout history and across cultures, marriage has always been afforded a special place under the law because of its significance in developing the next generation of citizens.

Del. John Donoghue should be applauded for standing strong against pressure and voting what he believes to be right.

Verna Benner Carson
Fallston, Md.


Answer this simple question
To the editor:

Recently there was an article in the Herald Mail noting that there were only two citizens at the Board of Education draft budget public hearing.

Board member Wayne Ridenour went on to say that he really couldn't put his finger on the reason as to why there was such a low turnout.

We think that it is important to try and find an answer to this question beyond simple speculation. So we started sending out a simple question, and asking for an honest response.

We asked why they couldn't/didn't attend the budget hearing. The results of the sampling we received back thus far has prompted us to place an open survey on our website, and to invite the citizens of Washington County to add their input.

Your personal information will be kept private, and only the answers themselves will be compiled and presented to the board. We have received numerous requests from citizens to not use their names.

The survey is posted on the WCPAC website at

One simple question. One honest response. One very important voice — yours.

Dottie Gruhler
President WCPAC
Washington County Parents and Citizens

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