Mail Call - March 29

March 28, 2011

“Tim Rowland’s column on Sunday, March 20, 2011, was outstanding. With the exception of one person, our delegation voted against the same-sex marriage bill. They missed a wonderful opportunity to give more people freedom. But instead, they chose to promote their own religious beliefs.”
— Halfway

“This is about Allegheny Power. This is the third month now that I’ve received an electric bill that is triple what it has been the 13 years that I have lived at the residence I’m at now, and everything is the same, and one month I wasn’t even there, and they try to claim it’s because it’s estimated. I mean, it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever how — and for one month you weren’t even there, but the bill is still triple.”
— Hagerstown

“I’m just calling about the streets here in Hagerstown, especially West Antietam Street. I think when you have people do the work, at least they can do when they do the patchwork is to make it smooth. That’s a disgrace for the city of Hagerstown, and a lot of the other streets in this town. I don’t know why, whenever you have the work or who does the work, why they can’t smooth it out and make it nice. That way you wouldn’t have to always pave the whole street.”
— Hagerstown

“Allan Powell fears the Tea Party because of their fiscal responsibility. As the Tea Party continues to grow, more and more cuts will be made to programs that are progressive in nature. With unfunded pensions stretching from one coast to the other, $19 billion in Maryland and nearing $500 billion in the liberal utopia of California, liberal-implemented programs are in dire need of cash, and the Tea Party is in no mood to hand it over.”
— Smithsburg

“Many thanks to the stranger who helped my friend and I Saturday night. We lost our cat, and I found her Saturday night at least 12 feet up in a tree. Without a ladder, I was in a tough spot. Many people passed without a glance, but a stranger walking his dog offered to help. He came back with what had to be a 20-foot ladder. He climbed up the ladder and retrieved our cat, even though he was afraid of heights. God bless you, kind stranger.”
— Hagerstown

“What is wrong with the drivers in Hagerstown? I see cellphones more than ever. In fact, just the other day I had a truck coming over the center line toward me because the driver was holding the cellphone to his head with his shoulder. On another day I have seen a woman holding the cellphone while gesturing during a conversation and no hands on the wheel at all. I also witnessed a gentleman with a rather hefty hardback book propped against the steering wheel and he only looked up to turn the corner.”
— Hagerstown

“I have read with great interest all the money spent by BOE to save or not save Bester School. In short, they could have saved years of decision making and a great deal of money by traveling just a short distance to Marlowe Elementary on Route 11 in West Virginia and observed what they have done to preserve and utilize that wonderful school. I’m sure it is as old if not older than Bester and it sure works in grand style. I attended Bester when it was South Potomac. ... It would be a shame to destroy another great property in Hagerstown.”
— Formerly from Hagerstown

“In the March 19 Herald-Mail, the fourth and last ‘hint’ in ‘Heloise’ on ‘moving’ turtles was bad advice. Moving any turtle found in your yard, a pond, etc., to a lake might, in fact, be a death sentence for vulnerable species. For one, not all turtles are aquatic. Also, most of our East Coast turtle species have a very small ‘home range.’ A turtle found in your backyard is probably a mostly terrestrial turtle and likely has a ‘home range’ only a little larger than a couple hundred yards in diameter. ... Moving it far away from its ‘home’ is unnecessarily disruptive.”
— Brownsville, Md.

“Sen. Young ... has introduced a bill allowing governments to post important legal notices only on their websites, instead of requiring them to be published in printed form as well. ... Sen. Young either assumes everyone owns a computer, or just doesn’t care about the rights of those, including his own constituents, who don’t. As someone who doesn’t own a computer, I’m fed up with being treated like a second-class citizen. ... This is clearly a violation of the equal rights of many citizens, as well as allowing a blatant lack of transparency on the part of government.”
— Frederick, Md.

“I would just like to thank the person who put the Do Not Call phone number in Mail Call on Tuesday. The telemarketers drive you crazy. So thank you, thank you, thank you.”
— Hagerstown

“Leonard Pitts should spend more time trying to unite America, instead of dividing it. If you read his columns, you’ll notice that he constantly tries to divide our people and show how we are different, and treated differently, and I think very falsely, instead of showing reasons we should be trying to unite one another and to get along better. Instead of that we see nothing but negativism, and it just makes things worse here in America.”
— Washington County

“I’m a Republican. I just read the comment of Bartlett on the country going after Gadhafi. I thank God that he’s not president because he is without a doubt the worst representative we’ve ever had from this county.”
— Hagerstown

“On March 16 in The Herald-Mail article, Annapolis 2011, Andrew Serafini sponsors bills to overhaul the state pension system. He wants to remove the current board, who’s managed the system very well, and replace it with six members of the public, and replace the investment division with an independent investment advisory board — no doubt, people from his financial college. If this is not a conflict of interest, I don’t know what is.”
— Hagerstown

“A big ‘thanks a lot’ to all you folks in Keedysville who refuse to pick up after your dogs while walking them in the cemetery. You know who you are. Shame on you. Thanks to your not caring a hoot about others’ property, there are now signs posted there reading ‘No dogs allowed.’ You’re the reason the ‘no dogs allowed’ policy exists in too many public places and parks in and around Hagerstown. Thanks a lot for ruining what was a nice walk for other dogs and their responsible owners, who love walking there.”
— Keedysville

“I would like to thank the two people who, on March 17, pushed my car into Spicher’s parking lot after it decided it would stop on me, at a very busy intersection and at a very busy time of day.”
— Hagerstown

“Thank God, you know, I spent 20 years in the Army, so I have a military retirement. I have Social Security and I’m working part time. But I pity the poor people that worked 40 — 35, 40, 50 years, that only get Social Security because we haven’t had a cost-of-living allowance in two years, and everything’s, you know, skyrocketing, you know, gas, food, clothing, everything. But the people on welfare that never did anything at all, the majority of them, you know, they get whatever they want. I mean, it’s a shame. It’s really a shame.”
— Williamsport

“I just wanted to know, did we have to get involved in this mess in Libya — couldn’t, for once in our life, let the British and the French see to it? Do we have to solve every problem in this world? We can keep bombing them and bombing them and bombing them, but it’s going to take ground troops to finally to go in there and finish ... since we started it, now we’re going to have to finish it.”
— Hagerstown

“The sooner gas prices reach $10 per gallon, the sooner I can unleash my Porsche on our vacant highways.”
— Martinsburg, W.Va.

“Someone from Sharpsburg wants to know why they haven’t made the law on cellphones a straight, true law. I think there are two main causes. First, the legislative people and business people use cellphones as the necessary communications while they are traveling, just to expand their business day and contact the people they consider important.”
— Clear Spring

“Could anyone out there let me if they know of anybody spraying for the stink bugs? Because I notice we don’t have near as many of them, and they’re much, much smaller. Thank you for any input you have on this.”
— Hancock

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