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Letters to the Editor - March 26

March 26, 2011

MCTC inmates group invites community to Walk-A-Thon

To the editor:

With the coming of spring the inmates at Maryland Correctional Training Center are involved in giving back to society.

We appreciate acting Warden Wayne Webb of MCTC and the Division of Correction in general for their support of the "Lifers Group" at MCTC's sponsorship of its Relay for Life Walk-A-Thon for the American Cancer Society.

The Lifers Group at MCTC is sponsoring a walk-a-thon on April 30 in the activity yard. This event gives everyone in this community a chance to express their support for the American Cancer Society's fight against this dreaded disease. It also honors the lives of those who are fighting and have fought the battle against cancer. And, at the same time remembers the many loved ones lost to the disease of cancer.

The event is limited to 400 participants, at a donation of $5 for the American Cancer Society. Anyone who doesn't want to walk or did not make the cut can donate to this very worthy cause, as it's only through our continued effort that this disease will be conquered.

Paul H. Inskeep

Recycled oyster shells net thousands of dollars for charity

To the editor:

We would like to thank The Herald-Mail for its coverage and article by Dave McMillion of the 2011 Hagerstown Rotary Club Bull and Oyster Roast.

The article focused on this year's efforts to recycle all of the event's oyster shells and the resulting benefit to the oyster population and Chesapeake Bay. Approximately 32 bushels of shells were recycled.

The article was very beneficial in raising awareness in our community. As an additional benefit, our local club used the shell recycling to further raise money for local charities through a member challenge. The result was an additional $1,500 raised for our community.

The challenge also benefited the Oyster Recovery Partnership with a match plus donation of $2,000. We hope others who have similar events consider recycling of shells at their events.

Mike Johnston
Hagerstown Rotary Environmental Committee Chairman

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