Letters to the Editor - March 23

March 23, 2011

Apology needed for insensitive cartoon

To the editor:

I was shocked to read the cartoon in the paper of March 18 concerning who is prone to radicalism. In a time in which we are seeking to calm religious tension, you include a cartoon that is inflammatory and insensitive. The cartoon was insensitive to the many Christians who buy your paper, who go to work faithfully every day, who regularly give to charities and who try to live in harmony with their neighbors.

We Christians seek to live our lives based on the premise of Jesus, who said that we are to love our neighbors as ourself as the means by which we show our love for God. We denounce those who have taken our faith to extremes and have denounced the KKK, Jim Jones and protesting at the funerals of the military to name a few.

It is Christians who have been on the forefront of relief efforts to Haiti and Japan. Christians also send medical supplies to Third World countries and help the poor and needy in our society, to name a few of the ways in which the church seeks to alleviate suffering.

I think that you need to issue an apology for this insensitive cartoon that demeans the real faith of many in our community and in our country.

Mark Sandell

Thanks to all involved with library fundraiser

To the editor:

This “thank you” is to everyone who helped make the Lilian S. Besore Memorial Library’s Capital Campaign Steering Committee “Spring Fling” fundraiser a huge success.

It was such a fun and fulfilling evening for those who organized the event: seeing those who attended having such an enjoyable time; the food presented by the vendors was above and beyond our expectations; and the hearts of the businesses and private contributors were very generous with all of the donated auction and raffle items. We were overwhelmed.

We thank everyone who bought a ticket to support the event. Between the ticket sales and the total from the evening’s activities, we raised $14,000. This money goes directly into our campaign fund for the creation of a building that is handicapped-accessible. We continue to need help in financial support for the library project and know you will make it become a reality.

Thank you to the Greencastle community and everyone who has been helping with this capital campaign. Every dollar, word of encouragement, volunteer hour and donation that you can find in your heart to give will help make our community library a place that we can be proud of for years and years to come.

Patti Divelbiss
Greencastle, Pa.

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