Letters to the Editor - March 24

March 23, 2011

Oil companies' greed costs us at the pump

To the editor:

Recent media coverage and newsletters addressing the recent fuel price increases blame "unrest in the Middle East," even though production has not been affected. Yet, there is another side to these increases which few dare to mention — greed by the major oil companies, who continue making billions of dollars in profit while ordinary Americans struggle.

As vehicle fuel mileage has increased over the past few years and demand has decreased, prices have risen to make up for lost oil company revenue. We must pay more to keep their profit margins up. However, as fuel prices rise, so does the cost of everything else we need (groceries, clothing, etc.). After all, we live in a big country where goods must be transported via trucks which use — you guessed it — gas and diesel.

Our economy and small businesses struggle as overwhelming oil company greed pushes the future of our nation toward economic collapse. Our previous administration said it best when we were told "the oil companies are entitled to make a profit." We are told we all must share the pain of government budget and service cuts — everyone but the oil companies.


Charles J. Dodson


Spring arrives to offer showers of blessings

To the editor:

Mr. Winter really let us have it, didn't he? Muscles aching, bones cracking, you begin to wonder if you are a human or a robot. I am so glad spring will be offering us showers of blessings.

We can become saturated with fear, anxiety, low self-esteem, that feeling of failure. There are some who promote this rather than help eliminate it. Let us in this day and age concentrate on right, the birth place of goodness, honor, justice, faith and love.

What is needed? Prayer, of course. That dear friend so important and essential, hovering over our nation, thanks to you. Bowed heads are everywhere. Around the table, at the bedside, in meetings, the military arena, schools and colleges, homes and churches, and believe it or not, some start every day praying for whatever that day brings.

I want this picture to stay put, never to vanish, but to enlarge. Let us make plenty to distribute and encourage. A bowed head is a sacred thing, and Jesus will honor it. Let us give prayer a greater workout than we ever have.

Frances Moats


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