Dixie Eatery 'a melting pot for people to come and socialize and have good food'

March 23, 2011
  • Lisa Frazer flips a pile of home fries Wednesday at the Dixie Eatery in Smithsburg. She manages the town landmark. She said the diner is known for its soups and desserts. The restaurant moved to its present location on North Main Street in 1954.
Kevin G. Gilbert, Staff Photographer

Richard Grove was sitting at the counter in the Dixie Eatery, waiting for his eggs and potatoes to be served.

"Breakfast is my favorite meal here," Grove said Tuesday.

Grove, 71, said he has eaten at the Smithsburg restaurant  since he was a kid. He said that while it has changed a little, it still is the same "country restaurant" it always was.

"The people who come in here are very friendly," he said. "I have been coming here since I was able to walk by myself."

Grove, who was born and raised in Smithsburg, said the restaurant has always been as popular with the town as it is now.

"It's a melting pot for people to come and socialize and have good food," he said.

Located on North Main Street, Dixie Eatery is in the heart of downtown Smithsburg.

Lisa Frazer, manager of the restaurant, said that home cooking is its main appeal.

"People like the soups and pot pies and cakes here," she said. "We have a lot of meat and potato guys."

Dixie Eatery moved to its current location in 1954. Before that, it was directly across the street. During the move, it kept all of the original chairs and the original counter. Until last year, it even had the original soda machine.

Tammy Shilling, who has worked at the restaurant for a little more than a year, said it is a good reflection of the town.

"The customers are really friendly, and they seem like family," Shilling said. "It's just a good atmosphere all around."

"We have a lot of policemen and firemen coming in, so a lot of different people support us," Frazer said.

The Hartley family has owned the restaurant for nine years. It had several previous owners.

— Caleb Calhoun

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