Some stadium neighbors support concert plans

March 21, 2011|By KATE S. ALEXANDER |

HAGERSTOWN — Neighbors of Hagerstown’s Municipal Stadium said Monday that concerts on nongame days would be, if anything, a welcome change.

The Hagerstown Suns ownership has proposed hosting concerts on nongame-day Thursdays and battle-of-the-bands events on select nongame-day Saturdays, according to city documents.

The Hagerstown City Council is scheduled to vote Tuesday on changes to its lease with the Suns for approving events at the stadium. It will also vote on introducing an amendment to its noise ordinance for the events.

“I think concerts will be nice,” said Les Seville, a neighbor on Radcliffe Avenue. “Is it extra income for the Suns? Then I think it’s a great idea. That stadium has come a long way. I’d like to see it go somewhere.”

Les Seville and his wife, Pat, have lived near the stadium for more than 45 years.

Games and events hosted there produce noise, but not so much that most neighbors seem to mind, Pat Seville said.

Betsy Ficken has lived on South Cleveland Avenue since 1990 and the sound coming from Municipal Stadium is not a bother to her.  

“It doesn’t upset me at all,” she said. As for concerts, she said, “It would be nice to be able to hear the music.”

“Sounds like a pretty good idea to me,” said Krista Cunningham, who has lived on Radcliffe Avenue for about two years. Cunningham said she and her family sit on their porch on game days to listen to the games and watch the fireworks.

“It’s like getting a free show,” she said, adding it would be nice if they could do the same for concerts.

Charles Jones said he has not heard any of his neighbors on South Cleveland Avenue complaining about the noise from the stadium. Either they enjoy it or they pay it no mind, he said.

“We’ve lived here long enough, we don’t pay any attention to it,” the six-year resident said.

His neighbor Alex Wiles said that after living more than seven years on Cleveland Avenue, he did not think concerts would change anything.

Despite being “unhappy” with the Suns’ fireworks displays, which shake the pictures on their walls and coat their house with debris, Claudette and Jim Henson Sr. of South Cannon Avenue said they would be OK with concerts.

“As long as they don’t play that long,” Jim Henson Sr. said. “It’s music. That wouldn’t bother me.”

The Hensons have lived on the corner of South Cannon and Radcliffe avenues for 38 years. Jim Henson has lived on the street for 81 years, he said.

“At least it will be something to do,” Dawn Paul said.

Paul just signed the lease for a fourth year on South Cleveland Avenue.

“It’s boring around here, there is not much for adults to do,” she said. “Concerts sound like a good idea for this neighborhood.”

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