Hub Labels aims to improve worker wellness

March 20, 2011
  • Dave Ruff and Sue Fahey are co-owners of Ruff Fitness Training Center in Hagerstowns Fountainhead Plaza.
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Hub Labels, one of the largest and most diversified manufacturers of pressure-sensitive labels and related products in the United States, is helping promote wellness among its employees.

While Hub has grown to be one of the largest label companies in the United States, it maintains its family-owned tradition and dedication to quality and service that has made it one of the industry’s success stories. With this commitment to excellence comes a commitment to employee welfare and to providing benefits to employees with increasing health care costs.

Hub Labels is self-insured, and with health care costs skyrocketing, it is up to the company and its employees to be proactive in their health and wellness.

Vice President of Operations Thomas Dahbura has spearheaded many of Hub Labels’ progressive management innovations, including Kaizen, a Japanese management philosophy that means “improvement.” Kaizen strategy calls for never-ending efforts for improvement involving everyone in the organization.


It’s this quest for improvement that has led to the company’s health, wellness and fitness initiatives.
The concern for employee wellness is an increasing trend for businesses. Employers who integrate wellness in their overall objectives find they experience reduced absences, better morale, reduced health risks and reduced health care costs.

At least 50 percent of health care expenditures are lifestyle-related, and therefore, potentially preventable. Yet despite the $5,000 an average employer spends on health care per employee each year, most employers are spending less than 5 percent of that on medical screenings and prevention.

A recent evaluation of work-site wellness programs showed that they are not only effective at helping to reverse the rising spiral of health care costs, but also greatly reduce health care costs, sick leave, disability costs and workers’ compensation.

Employee-directed fitness and wellness programs, such as the one provided by Hub Labels, give employees the education, motivation and direction they need to engage in physical activity and healthy lifestyles.

The partnership between Hub Labels and Ruff Fitness teaches personal responsibility and empowerment.

Dave Ruff and Sue Fahey, owners of Ruff Fitness, have more than 30 years of experience in the development of fitness and wellness programs. They have worked with many projects, including The Doylestown Medical Center, Trump Properties and health clubs across the United States.

The objective of the partnership is to empower employees to take responsibility for their health by educating them about a variety of health topics, and to get them involved in a safe, effective exercise program.

The Hub Labels wellness program works with employees to create specific lifestyle modifications to help  improve the quality of their lives.

The program offers information about weight management, stress modification, yoga/stretching, diabetes, healthy backs, arthritis, osteoporosis, hypertension, nutrition and healthful eating, osteoporosis and smoking cessation. It also offers blood pressure screenings, body composition measurements, fun group activities, exercise classes, walking and other fitness activities.

The Ruff Fitness Training Center is in Hagerstown’s Fountainhead Plaza. Its website is

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