Letters to the Editor - March 19

March 19, 2011

Proposed tax increases would hurt many in Md.

To the editor:

There seems to be some signs of life in Maryland's economy lately, and I've heard some optimistic talk about things starting to turn around. But the combination of current events and the taxing and spending in Annapolis lead me to think that maybe Marylanders shouldn't start celebrating just yet.

Gas prices are rising even faster than they were, due to the recent unrest in the Middle East. They've jumped 10 cents or more per gallon over the last week and are inching up a few pennies more every day. This doesn't only affect us at the gas pump, but it will increase our energy bills and what we pay at the grocery store.

Therefore, I was very concerned last week to learn about our governor's and the Democrat-dominated legislature's proposed $827 million in tax increases including the gas tax. I know a lot of people already struggling to make ends meet, and this is their idea of a solution taking $827 million out of our pockets? Maryland needs to trim its spending!

Last week, the Republicans in the House of Delegates presented a different sort of budget plan. They have created a plan that will finally get rid of this constant budget problem and let them lower taxes in the next few years. It's time for the legislature to turn its back on budget plans that don't work and look to the Republicans for a plan that will.

Jan Wetterer

Was release on bond a wise decision?

To the editor:

Concerning the tragic death of my niece, Tina Souders, in Fulton County, I have several questions I would like answers to; however, I will only ask one.

Would the magistrate or bail bondsman have made the same decision if Ricky Hann would have held their daughter captive with a sawed-off shotgun for 24 hours threatening to kill her?

Wayne Sipes
Chambersburg, Pa.

Protest in D.C., not at soldiers' funerals

 To the editor:

It's still wrong in my eyes, as I noted in a past letter that appeared in this newspaper, concerning the Supreme Court judges now ruling in favor of the Westboro Baptist Church protesters, claiming it's their free speech right to picket if they want at military funerals.

What about the rights for the victims' families to grieve over their loved ones in peace without interference from them?

I realize we do have the right to freedom of speech, but people such as these picketers should use common sense.

I feel if people want to protest, go to Washington, D.C., not at a soldier's funeral.

Russell "Pete" Seville
Greencastle, Pa.

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