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March 19, 2011|Crystal Schelle

"There's nothing to do."

I hear it all the time when people talk about events in the Tri-State area.


Given any weekend, there are more than a handful of activities — from onstage productions to spaghetti dinners — that take place right here in Washington County, as well as the surrounding area.

Late last year we conducted interviews through our Newspaper Next program. Through the program we gather information and find solutions to our readers' needs.

One of the questions we asked readers was what type of information they would like to see. Overwhelmingly, our readers said what they really could use was more calendar listings.

Although Lifestyle already published an entertainment calendar twice a week and fundraisers once a week, most said they wanted additional days of listings. They also wanted to be informed as soon as we are informed.

So we took that to heart.

Last week we launched our THECalendar page, allowing us to increase our calendar listings four more days a week.

Sunday through Friday we have included an extra page in Lifestyle that gives more calendar listings. Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays will also include more fundraiser listings.

Another section on the page, "Coming Up ..." is for items that might be of interest to our readers but might not actually happen for another couple of months. If we find out about tickets going on sale for something in the area, we'll let you know as soon as we do. A big movie festival? We'll let you know that, too.

Additionally, THECalendar page allows us to feature five new listings every day in our "Five for your planner." In our five pick, we'll highlight events in the area in the upcoming days that we believe deserve a second look.

As always, online users can go to to sign up for our online calendar. It's free to join and to use.

The site allows users to search for items by keyword, by calendar date or by genre, such as arts and entertainment or sports and leisure. Preferences also allow users to receive a listing of brand new events that have been added every day (it's a favorite setting of mine).

And for those who like to submit to our online and print calendars,, is a great tool.

Still think there's nothing to do?

Naw. I just think there's just not enough hours in a week.

Crystal Schelle is Lifestyle editor of The Herald-Mail. She can be reached at 301-791-7136 or

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