Mama's little girl grew up

March 18, 2011|Amy Dulebohn

Recently, I was anticipating a baby shower for my best friend from college who lives nearly two hours away.

Her firstborn was due March 29, and the shower was March 5. In a surprise move, her tiny son made his appearance on March 1. He was born just after 9 p.m., healthy and weighing just less than 5 pounds.

Mother and son were discharged from the hospital within 48 hours of the little man's arrival. I listened intently that night as my friend relayed her birth story on the phone.

As our conversation wound down, she asked, "So, are you guys still coming on Saturday?"

Surprised, I stammered, " yeah!" as she told me that she had consulted with hospital staff regarding the shower, and they gave consent for her family to hold the event.

So, our road trip was back on. I wasn't sure how my 11-month-old would do with the impending car ride. While she's always been good in the car, she's never traveled near that long. There was no way to test the waters, other than to head out and hope for the best.

And that's what we did. She fell asleep within 10 miles of leaving home, and slept the whole way to my friend's home. She awoke, pleasant, upon our arrival.

I also wasn't sure how she would react to the tiny baby. She turned out to be most intrigued — first trying to touch his little face, and later, trying to unwrap his swaddler so she could have a better look. I was pleased with her curiosity, and proud of her for not being jealous when I held the newborn.

After visiting, my friend and I packed up my daughter and her son, and headed to the shower location. When we got there, I helped my friend get organized and head into the hall where the shower was. My girl and I followed behind. We were met with oohs and aahs over the guest of honor. Perhaps for the first time since my daughter's birth nearly a year ago, she was not the focal point of a gathering she attended.

I did have a twinge of umbrage at the slight, as I realized my "baby" isn't always going to be the youngest or cutest attraction in any given situation. But I went on to have a fantastic afternoon, visiting and getting reacquainted with others at the shower.

I reflected on our day that evening on the way home as my daughter slept in her car seat. After savoring the time my little one had in the spotlight, I can handle relinquishing a little of it.

After all, now she can tolerate road trips and express her curiosity, and she even enjoyed bites of the grown-up food served at the shower. My face beamed with pride as I thought of all of her accomplishments, and wondered of the many yet to come.

Just not too quickly, I hope.

First-time mother Amy Dulebohn is a page designer at The Herald-Mail. Her e-mail address is

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